14th October, 2018

Dear friends,

I arrived safely back in the UK on Thursday morning and was met by my son Nicky. I have been staying with him, his wife Paula and my grandchildren for a few days.

Although Luke and Emily are both at school during the day it’s been good to spend time with them all and walk the dogs! Emily (aged 12) has been helping me with PowerPoint presentations.

“He told them: “Take nothing for the journey, no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt. Whatever house you enter stay there until to leave that own.” Luke 9 v3

It seemed a busy few days before I left. Tresor and I went on Sunday afternoon to see Denis as it was a school visiting day – we took chicken and chips for him and a supply of sugar, bread, soda etc. to replenish his stocks. It was a warm sunny afternoon so we sat and talked with him for a couple of hours and his friend Terry joined us after his mother and sister had left. Denis seems to be doing well and settling at school.

On Monday, Peace and I did the weekly shop for fruit and vegetables and during the afternoon Petra and I sorted out the tax and NSSF payments as well as writing other cheques for the bills due during the time I’m away.

Independence Day was on Tuesday – Sam slaughtered two of our chickens for lunch. – rather chewy for my liking but only bones left on all the plates. Chicken is such a treat for the boys. The younger boys wanted to go swimming in the afternoon so Sam and I took them. Thankfully Abdu was around and drove the minibus for us. The older five boys went off to KK Beach with Uncle Paul for the afternoon. So everyone was happy and enjoyed the day.

Wednesday I packed my cases, went and paid everything at the bank, had lunch with Diana my Canadian Missionary friend who is just back from her travels around Uganda – met my landlady – visited the boys for afternoon tea, prayers and saying goodbye, before driving myself to the airport and struggling with all my luggage to the terminal! But God is good and all went smoothly.

Bob is now back in Kampala and took the boys to KK yesterday afternoon, so leaving them in his capable hands.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you on Thursday evening to share about our work in Uganda.

Love and prayers.