25th November, 2018

Dear friends,

I arrived back in Uganda Friday afternoon, Bob met me and we drove to Monyonyo to collect Jenny, one of Karo’s friends from Emirates who has come to stay with me until Sunday afternoon when she goes back to Dubai. We then drove to George’s Place and were welcomed by the older boys, given ginger tea and waited for the young ones to come back from school. They were very pleased to see us. Jenny had brought sweets for them, so after hugs, greetings, introductions and prayers these were appreciated.

‘I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself …’ Psalm 131 v 1b-2a

Jenny cut up fruit and vegetables when we arrived home for a light supper, she had also bought delicious biscuits from Vienna – really good having young visitors who not only just get on with things but look after me as well!

On Saturday we took Jenny to Kampala in the morning to ‘experience ‘ the city, before going to visit George’s Place and take the boys to KK Beach. Jenny had also brought the boys new t-shirts which they were delighted with – we arrived home at about 9 pm. The boys are all well and full of ‘beans’ (probably literally as well!). Patrick and Emma have returned home from Meeting Point having finished their welding course and taken their exams, Patrick did mention today that he could go on for further training but we will have to look into what this entails. We are off to church with the boys in the morning so an early start as the service at St. Paul’s starts at 8.30am.

I’m happily back in Uganda – the weather has been warm and sunny and it looks like all has gone smoothly in George’s Place thanks to Bob and the staff. Please keep praying for the youngsters who desperately need help.

It was good seeing so many of you when I was back – catching up with news and talking about our work. Thank you for all your support – The Lord is truly blessing us through your kindness.

With love and prayers.