Sunday 27th August, 2023

Dear friends,

I arrived back in Uganda at 2pm today but it took a while to get through passport control, even though I have a work permit, and then to collect my luggage which always seems to be the last off the plane! Trevor was there to meet me having collected my car and on our way back to my flat he took me to see the boys at George’s Place, arriving at 4pm.

What a welcome! Peanut and Zimba (who has grown considerably and wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about) were barking and jumping up, all the boys were in the compound, 26 of them, to shake hands, give me a hug and welcome me back. Tresor, Benard, Sam, Halima and Patrick were also there, though Benard said he felt unwell and I gave him some paracetamol, which is stronger from the U.K. for some reason. I only stayed about 30 mins as I am really tired. I did remove a laptop from my bag, that someone had kindly given me for one of the boys in Senior school which Tresor will sort out. I didn’t give the other things I managed to get in my luggage – football boots, a couple of skateboards, soft ball for basketball and a large baseball bat and ball plus 36 packets of Rolo’s (the staff all like a packet as well!) and 30 watches I treated them to, probably we will keep them to give out after the camp.

“I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.” Psalm 9v1

It was great seeing them all, Griffin did mention that he would like to do some work during the holidays, he is on a catering course at Don Bosco’s, so we will ask Silver at the hotel if he needs help in the kitchen. The boys are excited as we are off camping early Monday morning, I gave strict instructions about bathing, before we set off but with all that number of boys trying to get in the bathrooms at the same time it might cause a problem!

They have been keeping themselves busy this week, helping in the house, with the cooking and spending time catching up with each other as the older ones are in different colleges and secondary schools.

Diana, from Canada arrived back in Uganda this week and has stayed a couple of nights in my flat but left before I got here to lead a training course in the north, she is planning to stay with me until the end of September, she left me a note saying it was ‘good to be home!’

Well I’m having an early night – I’ve unpacked and am looking forward to church in the morning. It was overcast when I arrived but still 78 degrees Fahrenheit, good for the arthritis!

Thank you for all your support and lovely to see so many of you. I did send another large parcel for shipment on Tuesday which hopefully will be here for Christmas.

It is such a blessing to see how these boys lives have been changed through your kindness, generosity and God’s Grace. Thank you.

Love and prayers.

Jane x