29th June, 2021

Dear friends,

There has been little news this week from George’s Place. On Monday Shadrach managed to go to the market and hired a truck to bring all the fruit and vegetables to the home – trucks are still allowed on the roads. Shadrach has sent me a photograph of a scooter he would like, but I have said ‘the pushbike is fine’!

The boys are all keeping well and have kept themselves busy preparing and cooking the food, making popcorn, cleaning the house, doing their washing, playing cards, Ludo, enjoying playing with Lego and of course practicing their football skills with a ball made of plastic bags. (We don’t want to lose any of the good balls!) Thankfully they seem able to entertain themselves. I spoke on Monday morning to Sam and some of the boys but unfortunately the connection wasn’t good.

‘Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.’ Ephesians 5 v 1/2

Sadly, Paul Kyalimpa the CEO of Operation Agri died of Covid last Sunday, please do be praying for his wife Christine, already grieving the loss of their son Moses. Also 3 remaining adult children and 3 orphans they took into their home.

On FaceBook this week, I saw that Brian Lubowa, whose wedding I attended about 6 years ago and have known since I first arrived in Kampala, has been very sick, he is still weak but thankfully is getting better. He runs a church project in Jinja and now has two young children. These are difficult times for the people of Uganda and it’s not easy finding out information. I have also heard from Chantal this week, who worked in the office at one time, she is very anxious and tells me many people in the local area are dying.

Shadrach called on Simon Peter one morning and we are back helping with his rent as he has been unable to find work at the present time.

Anton has also been in contact – he has bought a pig, his latest farming project! Much of what he had grown had dried up as the rains had not come, so he thought he would see if this would be a more successful venture. He has made a nice little run for her. I am pleased to think he is using his own initiative and this could possibly subsidise his agricultural efforts. He would like to get on with building himself a house but we really need to be involved in this and it would not be easy at the present time.

Peace is in regular contact with the Probation Officer who is asking how we are managing to run the home especially as most of the staff are unable to be there. I did receive emails from Peace and Ken this week and they have in place a strategy if any of the staff/boys at the home fall sick. Our armed night security guards are unable to be on site, therefore Sam and Julius are the only adults at George’s Place and have to be there 24 hours a day for the next six weeks! Prayers please as this will not be easy having so many of them confined in a fairly small space.

Love and prayers,