11th August, 2019

Dear friends,

It’s Saturday morning and after a hectic week, it’s great to have time to relax and not rush about.

I took a photo last week of where Kampala International Church has been Meeting over the last few Sundays, I’m not sure we will be allowed to continue meeting in the Chapel but it’s been special being in a church building.

The boys returned from school on Tuesday afternoon and made themselves busy ‘spring cleaning’ the house in preparation for the Management Meeting, on Wednesday, they scrubbed everywhere and everything looked ‘spic and span’ by the time they had finished. The older boys cleaned up the clinic and storerooms so we are organised for a few days – schools broke up on Friday so I’m not sure how long this will last! School reports are collected at the end of next week.

“‘Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him.’ Genesis 26 v12 “

The Management Meeting seemed to go well and Nora is a real asset to the committee. We are happy to report that Geoff Hill has offered to be our Treasurer in the U.K. He is a Chartered Accountant and worships with his wife and family at the Salvation Army in Enfield. Heather Holgate also joined us recently as a new Trustee – God continues to bless us with committed friends as we move forward.

Bob and I travelled to Ibanda on Thursday to see Anton and monitor his progress on the land. He has now planted matoke and the cassava he planted earlier will be ready to harvest shortly. It was an opportunity to hand out more toddler jumpers/clothes and ‘fish and chip’ baby clothes and of course sticky lollipops – which always delights the village children. We took Anton tilapia which we bought by the side of the road as we went through an area by Lake Victoria – the guest house where we stay was happy to cook this for him. Some of the money he received from the gnuts he has used to clear the shrubs from the perimeter fence and also to pay for help in planting the matoke. He will now plant watermelons, cabbages and cauliflower (thanks to Wendy who sent him the cauliflower seeds).

Sunday morning

We nearly have a full house at George’s Place – Patrick has come to stay for a few days as he has welding work near the border with South Sudan for a couple of months – Derrick is back after his exams – the other three boys in vocational training are expected this week. Twenty-two of us squeezed into the minibus to go to KK Saturday afternoon – it rained heavily at lunchtime so very few people were there but we all enjoyed, (surprising when you look at the photo!). Its Eid Al Adha today and Sam is off to buy four chickens for lunch, (thankfully I don’t have to see or hear them being prepared!)

With love and prayers.