6th November, 2016

Dear friends,

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, light clouds and plenty of warm sunshine.

Bob, William and Patrick (new security man/gardener who stays here as well) are all on the roof of my new home trying to put up a satellite dish so I can watch TV. I moved in on Tuesday, but don’t have much furniture so the house echoes a bit. I have hot water, even in the kitchen, pleasant gardens, a balcony outside my bedroom and two bedrooms with bathrooms downstairs for visitors or volunteers from the UK (hint!). I have only seen 3 large cockroaches and no other evidence of wildlife, though large birds squawking on the palm trees outside my windows.

The only problem I encountered here this week was no power for nearly 48 hours, consequently the dog’s meat went off in the fridge and at night I stumbled around in the dark trying to get my bearings in a new place, with only a torch on my phone, but all is well.

On Monday Dr. Trevor and his wife Carol, a nurse, from Bristol, (whom I met nearly two years ago when they invited me to join them on a medical camp near Mbale), visited George’s Place. It was really good seeing them both again. They have been coming to Uganda regularly for many years, being involved in hospitals and running medical camps. When I was with them in Mbale their team saw about 1,000 patients in 5 days.

‘Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5 v 6-7

Life carries on at George’s Place, Sandy has left yet again and also Daniel who was finding it extremely difficult with his addiction. I was taking them to Munyonyo on Wednesday afternoon with Paul, when they decided to go. Sandy has been quite disruptive trying to persuade other boys to leave as well – so perhaps it’s a blessing he has gone. But it’s not always easy to let go – we all care deeply about each of the boys, their different characters, gifts, hurts and pains – sometimes all we can do is pray for them.

I’ve also been busy in the office still working on the accounts, etc. but the time is going quickly as I’m only here for a couple more weeks as I’m spending Christmas with my family and will return late December.

We took the boys swimming on Saturday afternoon and they enjoyed themselves in the water, dancing to music and messing about. All good fun as you will see from the photo.

Thank you for all your love and prayers.