4th December, 2022

Dear friends,

Lots seems to have happened this week! Trevor and Carol arrived at Church last Sunday morning and stayed with me until Tuesday, when I dropped them at a hotel near the airport for a late evening flight. We visited the Botanical Gardens on the way – the trees were spectacular and so different! It was lovely catching up with them after so long. Diana arrived before they left and is staying for a couple of weeks and then going to a wedding in Malaysia.

Tresor and Jesse took 14 of our boys, in the minibus back to their villages in the East, which took a couple of days, they called on Dan’s family on the way back to check on the latrine that is being built. More bricks and cement are needed to finish it. Peace and I are planning to follow up with the Probation Officer in that area and will probably collect Dan next week as he has asked to come to George’s Place for Christmas and we will sort out the building materials then.

“Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvellous deeds.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭72‬:‭18‬

Some of the older boys went by bus back to their villages. Dennis took Ronald with him for the holidays to Pader in the north. (Ronald and Asaph come from the areas affected by Ebola and cannot return). New Brian has gone to Nebbi and phoned to say he has work in a local garage for the holidays. He achieved A+ in his end of term report for motor mechanics. Victor, Sula and young Brian have also returned to relatives. The boys all took sugar, rice and soap to their families.

Kasita has found some work in Mukono and is staying with a relative nearby. Asaph (carpentry) has found industrial training for two months just off the Entebbe Expressway, we are looking at somewhere nearby for him to stay.

George’s Place is very quiet!
When I arrived on Saturday I found Saidi, Denis and Tim making pom-poms and Joseph making a hat! We did take a walk, for the boys to play football and have a swim during the afternoon. Uncle Ben has his weekend off after the busy time last week.

The party was a great success, everyone enjoyed themselves. Lots of dancing, food, cake and ice cream. Some of the youngsters who live nearby joined us, Patience our past Probation Officer came and talked to the boys, encouraging them to be focused on their work. She was one of the first people I approached when we were wanting to start up an organisation and has been involved ever since, I have really appreciated her advice and commitment on the Management Committee.

This week I was also called to the hospital in Kisenyi with Tim – he is very unwell and will be staying with us for the next few months. He is wanting to go back to the village and start working in a bakery but is really not strong enough. Prayers please for him, he thinks he is too old to be with us!

Thank you for all your love and concern for the boys, we really appreciate your prayers and support. Wishing you a peace filled Advent.

Love Jane x