5th February , 2023

Dear friends,

It’s been a quiet week with a few vehicle problems! On Tuesday morning I stayed home as a young couple, (friends of Diana’s), Missionaries from Canada, were coming to collect a desk from my flat. They had their young adopted son Elias with them. It was a lovely morning chatting and praying with them but when I eventually tried to set out for work the battery on my car was dead! A car mechanic came out and started it for me, I then went to get some shopping but was concerned as I didn’t want the car not to start and me to be stranded! I decided to work from home that day. Wednesday morning the battery was still flat, so I went and bought one new battery (I need two!) but at least with one it’s starting now!

Jessie took Derek to Marjorine Vocational College with Peace, that morning, (Young Brian will go next week as he had problems collecting his belongings from Hope International) unfortunately the minibus refused to start after they filled up with petrol and they had to push! Problems with the starter motor again. All has been fixed now, thankfully.

“Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!” 1 Chronicles 16 v8

This morning, Saturday I received notification that my Work Permit application has been approved, (PTL) so hope to collect it one morning next week, I have to take copies of all my paperwork and payment confirmation, I’ll take a good book with me as it will probably be a long process!

Ian is back from his holiday and I met him on Friday morning to catch up on things. He called in at George’s Place on Wednesday on his way back from the airport and spent time with the boys.

Sula has now returned, he is quite a character, always full of ‘beans’, and I think has been working during some of the holidays helping his mum, who now stays in Kampala. He came back asking if he could go into boarding school – I’m leaving Peace to deal with that!

It’s still very hot here, plenty of sunshine and although I thought it might rain on a couple of occasions nothing has come of it! We have a new chicken house and aim to have between 10-12 chickens (for eggs).

The boys are all well. Tresor took Joseph and Kasita to the dentist for a ‘quote’ for work they need done. Bethel has attended the clinic everyday to have his leg dressed, it still looks very sore. The younger boys all return to school on Monday. They have had haircuts and been given their books, pens, pencils etc. The five new boys received new rucksacks.

Augustine called in the office on Thursday morning to greet me. He is managing to get work and pay his rent and apart from concerns for an older brother, who I saw recently, and is epileptic with a terrible skin rash (I did send antiseptic cream for the skin infection, but there is no treatment available in the villages for epilepsy) he and his family are fine. I also met up with Asaph who continues to enjoy his industrial training.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, we give thanks to the Lord that we have school/vocational college fees available in these difficult times.

With love and prayers.

Jane x