Sunday 21st May, 2023

Dear friends,

This week I’ve been travelling to the east of Uganda and met up with some of our older boys and Mothers’ Union members in Mbale. Unfortunately, Peace had to go to a funeral on Tuesday and I didn’t meet her until Wednesday morning at Mbale Cathedral where the MU office is.

Jessie and I travelled early Tuesday morning and met Augustine and his friend by the side of the road near Mukono, where he has been learning how to tile, in the hope of getting more work. We then travelled to Bugiri and met Shaffick. His mother was at the market but he has settled well with the family and hopes to visit us at George’s Place shortly. Later in the afternoon we arrived at Tororo, met Omoding’s mother who directed us to the father’s home as I wasn’t sure how to get there – she took us ‘the pretty route’, probably enjoying the treat of a car ride! We spent time with the family, though the father was working. Omoding is well settled and enjoying his hairdressing course at a local college where he boards. On the way out of Tororo I checked on the mother’s new room and the college. We then drove towards Mbale, but stopped so that I could greet Emma’s grandfather, he is very elderly and has little sight but knew me and said Emma was at work. It was a long day travelling in the heat over some bad roads, when we reached Mbale we had difficulty finding somewhere to stay, at a reasonable price, as many people were attending the funeral Peace was at. Eventually we found somewhere – very basic but clean! And the car was safe!

Look among the nations, and see;
wonder and be astounded.
For I am doing a work in your days
that you would not believe if told.”
Habakkuk 1:5

Early Wednesday morning we met Peace and called where Emma works but he wasn’t there, we saw the windows he has made and he found us later at the Cathedral.

Meeting the Mothers’ Union was a pleasure, we delivered MU material that had been donated by members of Jesus Church, Forty Hill to be made into dresses/uniforms for women who cannot afford to buy for themselves. We spent time with the Diocesan President and MU worker, Sarah hearing about the impact the MU are having in the diocese. Hopefully the links between Mbale Diocese and London will grow. We visited a project, where a house was available for families struggling with homelessness. We were given a sack of avocados for our boys, tomatoes and bananas – it’s humbling when people are willing to share the little they have. Later we travelled back to Kampala, arriving home about 10pm.

Thursday I was in the office all day and Friday drove to Garuga to visit the boys – church members were visiting – pastor Joshua, from the local church and his wife and pastor Ann and her children from Cherish in Entebbe. Tim had made samosas and small cakes and the pastor asked him to make 60 samosas for the church breakfast on Saturday morning – which he did, (at 300 shillings each about £3.80 for 60). Some of the boys have been active at the church camp again this week and Victor is now helping in the Sunday School, others are involved in ‘welcoming’ at church. We are so blessed in being accepted in the community. It was a lovely afternoon, with the boys talking about themselves and the pastors praying for us.

Today, Saturday, I am collecting Asaph, he has been away in Kamuli at a ‘boot camp’, part of Global Impact Challenge – looking forward to hearing all his news. Also meeting Alea, who found Zimba and wants to check on him – I am waiting for her in a local cafe before we travel there, she has just phoned but went to the wrong cafe! Eventually I met Alea, from Germany, she drove her motorbike to Garuga – the boys were speechless when she arrived! A lovely young lady who has been in Uganda for about three years. After lunch I took some of the boys swimming – the others were with Benard at church.

It’s been a busy week but lots of blessings. Thank you for all your love and support.

Love Jane x