10th October, 2021

Dear friends,

Last Sunday I went to the international church service (KIC) in the grounds of Makindye Country Club, it was the first week they had been able to meet. Everyone was so pleased to come together again. For me it was special to meet up with people I haven’t seen for such a long time. I had a long chat with Rosie, Dr.Dick’s wife, and had lunch there with Christine, my American friend.

It’s been a busy week, we have had the electrician, plumber and builder (Augustine works for him) working at George’s Place. I’ve also had my office Spring cleaned – Petra and Julius got to work on Friday afternoon with some of the boys and myself. Everything was moved and walls, floor, cupboards desks and chairs washed with soapy water. It feels so much better in there, though we did find a small frog, alive! I really did appreciate Petra’s help. Chantal arrived and also gave a helping hand, she is going to Mbarara next week for two months to help register and do health checks on the refugees in the camps.

“Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” James 1 v19/20

Monday morning I went to the bank and then to buy a laptop (for Peace) and monitor for Petra so that she and I can see the accounts on a large screen. Tresor arrived on Tuesday and helped set things up and connect to the printer. Unfortunately Petra’s laptop wouldn’t open on Friday morning and I had to call someone to fix it. We might buy another laptop next month for Petra as they were both really old.

I let Dennis use my laptop early one morning to get on to a zoom meeting at his school. Dennis has the younger boys sitting at the dining tables for a couple of hours each day and helps them with their school work. The boys really respect and listen to him and he would make a wonderful teacher or social worker. He has told me he is wanting to learn to drive and I said I would look into this for him, he has really matured over the last couple of years.

We also sent some money up to Mbale to a teacher who Peace knows, who went with Derrick to help him buy some materials for making a couple of windows for a neighbour of his and help him get started on his welding work. He telephoned me late one evening to thank me – these boys are really growing up!

Mary who teaches the boys art arrived on Monday and we were able to give her three boxes of knitted baby clothes for her to take to the village this weekend to give to needy families. She and her friends take clothes, food, small amounts of money and pads for the women who have recently given birth. We had a chat and agreed for her to start her art classes again next Saturday. If she is teaching the boys outside I cannot see a problem. I brought some PCR tests back with me and did actually test a couple of the boys who had travelled from the village but they were both negative.

I was quite anxious on Thursday evening as Mukasa, who is Ken’s driver, had taken my car to get the bushes changed and a new horn, he got stuck in traffic and didn’t get back to George’s Place until about 8pm. (Curfew begins at 7pm.) I thought I might have had to stay the night! I was concerned about getting stopped or arrested by the police on the drive back to Diana’s – there were still cars coming out of Kampala who had been stuck in traffic but we were travelling back in! Thankfully I got home safely.

George the young lad who works at KK Beach on the trampolines called to see me one morning and let me know they are just opening up again, I’m not sure if we will get there this Saturday as it’s Independence Day and it will be really busy and expensive.

I also heard from the American lady, Lynn, who runs Connect Africa that the vocational training college will start back at the beginning of November, she is in the USA at present but will be back next year.

Things do seem to be opening up here apart from the curfew, I actually walked to a new cafe on the Munyonyo Road one afternoon to meet a friend for fruit juice and the place was really busy. Some of the roads have improved during lockdown and lots of new houses and shops have been built. Everywhere I have been people have stopped me and said welcome back, the children call out Aunty Jane will you buy bananas! The weather has been warm and sunny this week, with just a couple of wet mornings and a downpour on Saturday afternoon, hence no KK Beach.

So much seems to be happening, I get back from work usually about 6pm make myself a drink and sandwich, have a shower and am happy to relax for a couple of hours before falling asleep!

Thank you for all your support, we really do appreciate your love and kindness in supporting our work. God continues to bless and protect us.

God bless.

Love Jane x