4th July, 2021

Dear friends,

Last Sunday I heard from Flavia, that she had been in hospital, I presume from Covid, though she doesn’t say, but she was on oxygen. She is much improved now but wrote that she is struggling to be feeding all the children she looks after. Shadrach arranged for 50kgs of posho and beans plus 10 lites of cooking oil to be sent by boda-boda to her children’s home to help them, we also paid for a sack of charcoal.

“Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter— when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?” Isaiah 58:7

Many missionaries/friends, who were working in Uganda and are now back in their home countries are sending small amounts of money monthly to families/individuals to help them during these difficult times.

I spoke with nearly all our boys at George’s Place, this afternoon (Saturday). They are fine, they were using all the spaces available in the compound. Some were on top of the two garages we have (one over the office and the other we used as a school room during lockdown – there are steps to the roofs) others were watching TV, helping with the cooking or kicking the plastic-bag ball around. It was good to speak with the boys and to find out how they are managing. Paul told me he had been using the sewing machine to be making clothes. Yusuf and Saviour were busy washing their bed sheets, Omoding was sitting around and Victor wasn’t upsetting anyone by talking too much!

The home has been issued with a letter from the government allowing us to use a vehicle for shopping but Shadrach is not sure how often he can use the car. This week he stocked up with all the dried foods and other non perishable items as prices are going up, and of course the weekly supply of fruit and vegetables – he hired a truck to deliver them. Some of the boys like to be showing their strength by carrying the sacks to the store – 50kgs! We are trying to arrange for our second security man, another Julius to work three days a week so that Sam and our other Julius can at least have a break – I am concerned about the two of them being at George’s Place for six weeks, day and night without a proper rest but this seems to be the government regulations.

Ian from KIC (Kampala International Church) managed to visit Diana’s house this week and checked up on my dog ‘Peanut’ – who is fine now and putting on weight.

Derrick one of our older boys who now stays with his father in the Mbale region had been working away for a few weeks – he was trained as a welder. The business he works for have been building a market, Derrick is now back home in the village.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, our work is continuing despite the setbacks; as soon as we are permitted, whilst lockdown continues, we will have teachers visit George’s Place to resume the school, art and handicraft work.

Every blessing.