21st March, 2015

Dear Friends

Only just over a week before I return home for Easter.  It’s still very hot here and although there have been one or two showers no significant rain.  For the first time in all my visits to Uganda I have been unwell and spent a couple of days this week at home and doing very little.  Barbra has been wonderful looking after me and encouraging me to eat but I fear I have lost more weight, it’s just as well I don’t have scales.  Brian went and bought Lucozade in a carton, which has the strangest taste but probably doing me good!

This week I visited Hope for Life in the Katanga slums.  Found my way there which isn’t easy and remembered how to enter through a narrow hidden path.  They have started a new hairdressing project in their life skills training and about 15 women were learning different techniques in straightening and plaiting hair. I think they would have liked to get their hands on mine!  Met Francis and then travelled to Gayaza, a suburb, to see the plot of land he has recently bought to build a house for him and his wife Dorcus, their baby is due at the end of April.

I had a call from Jane at Cornerstone and the cooker is working at last, PTL, the girls have experimented on baking cakes, but haven’t yet heard how they turned out.  They have invited me to a beach party tomorrow but I don’t think I’m well enough to go.

‘Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God is with you’. 1 Chronicles 28 v 20

Silivia’s house is nearly finished with a brick built latrine (made from the leftover bricks!).  It looks really good, I am hoping to drive up to Mbale on Wednesday, meeting Bob at Jinga, a challenge as I haven’t driven that far on my own yet.

I’ll be meeting Caleb next Monday to look into the Drop in Centre for the street boys, lots to think and pray about.  There always seems to be downsides to everything you consider doing.

Lessons in Luganda have started, not sure I will ever be fluent but at present I can greet people, ask about their family and appreciate them, which is all part of the culture.  The children came last Saturday and are no trouble, Aaron giving the girls bike rides up and down the road, they eat everything, never complain, Barbra was at a school meeting so I collected them on my own, Brian likes to keep out of the way when they’re around.  Wednesday evening I went to supper with Canon John and his wife Joyce who we travelled to Kitgum with, they have an American student stay with them a few days each week so I met Laura and their daughter.  Our weekly swim went well and Barbra is improving her style.  Betty and I met on Monday for an early morning walk.  Sue returns to the UK next Tuesday so we met for lunch at Acacia Mall, I’ll miss her friendship, wisdom and humour, she has lived in so many different countries in Africa, worked with all the Bishops and is a fount of knowledge on everything here.

Looking forward to catching up with all you over Easter, am returning here on 13th April.

Love Jane