15th March 2015

Dear friends

‘Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s Will for you in  Christ Jesus’. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Last Saturday I set off early to visit the girls to start the baking lessons, cooker had been wired in by the Cornerstone electrician, arrived safely (it took me an hour as the traffic at 8.30am was unbelievable). All the girls were excited, Sharmeen even had the apron and chefs hat. Switched the cooker on disaster every time we touched it we received an electric shock, with nothing on our feet (shoes, flip flops have to be left at the entrance to the kitchen and standing on concrete floors) not good. We rang the electrician who promised to come back Sunday, he arrived Monday and couldn’t fix it, I have telephoned the shop where we bought it every day since then and am assured they are sending their electrician to sort out the problem but to date he hasn’t materialised, will keep ringing.

This week Barbra came with me to visit Sarah’s little school, where we sent cement, sand etc. the floor of one of the classrooms has been fixed and the new room has a concrete floor and the walls made good, doors are now needed, they are already using the room for the school children to sit in out of the sun. The welcome was amazing as soon as I drove to the gates all the children started shouting ‘Aunty Jane’, we took 8 loaves of bread and margarine as a treat, we were entertained with singing in each of the classrooms. Sarah does an amazing job she is full of energy and enthusiasm – the young deaf girl who stays there is now trying to sing – very moving.

On Thursday afternoon I went to Peace and Michael’s home (Michael is the new Provost of All Saints Cathedral) the Mother’s Union and Father’s Union came to welcome them to the parish. There were at least 50 people there. Peace always introduces me as her sister! Surprisingly I sat next to Canon Jolly Babirukamu who looked familiar, we had met before, she was on the Central Marketing Committee at Mary Sumner House when I was on the Prayer and Spirituality (now Faith and Policy) about 12 years ago, we had also met in Rukungiri in 2013 where she had been running a meeting for granny’s at Riverside and I had asked if I could join their morning worship. It was a very special evening and my first at driving back across Kampala at night.

‘Where God sends us He will sustain us.’ Very Revd. Michael Mukhwana new Provost of All Saints Cathedral assured us of this on Thursday evening

The house for Silivia is coming along well, Bob sends photos every few days, I will send the one of the latrine being dug – I don’t think health and safety have been heard of here! He has visited three others houses in bad repair – but I have made it clear it’s one thing at a time. Caleb is looking at prices for the possibility of starting a Day Centre for the street boys.

Fun times this week included Sunday lunch with James and Claire following the service at KIC (Kampala International Church, they returned with their daughters to the UK last Tuesday for a months holiday) swimming at Munyonyo with Barbra, who can now swim about 6 strokes, Friday evening out with Sue and Nora for a meal near Namirembi, drove home even later at night! Bob and Barbra’s children are still coming every Saturday, I believe the highlight of their week is to use the shower before they go home, no bathroom at home and communal latrines so the facilities here are much appreciated. Beatrice is still laying an egg a day and we’ve started eating them, she is getting fussy about what she eats, really likes cooked rice! I can’t think of any more news!

If you get a chance to look at Godfrey Rust’s poem ‘Welcome to the Real World‘, it’s worth a read.

Thank you for all your emails, sorry if I haven’t replied to you yet. God Bless and thank you for all your prayers and support.

Love Jane