7th March, 2015

Dear friends,

Last Saturday we delivered the cooker to the girls at the Cornerstone project, they were so excited, some had never seen a cooker before, Sharm one of the girls is on a catering course and really appreciated the fact that she would be able to practice at home. I was really pleased to see Judith again, it’s 6 months since I last saw them all, they now seem much more mature and settled having been through counselling. The girls sat around and all spoke of their appreciation for such a special gift and then there was dancing and singing. Baking lessons are starting this Saturday.

Sunday I went to All Saints Cathedral again, Peace met me and it was good to see her again. After the service we went back to her home, which is absolutely enormous and amazing for the centre of Kampala with a beautiful garden – they do a lot of entertaining of all the clergy and bishops so I suppose it’s necessary, their daughter was there and also two little girls, when someone has living space I think all the relatives move in as well! Peace invited me on the 12th as the MU at the Cathedral are welcoming her into the parish and there is to be a large function, I offered to make cakes.

Monday I called on my friend Gwennie, this was the first time I had seen her this trip and I’ve arranged to get myself to Ntinda to her school next week. We had a bit of a drama on Wednesday afternoon as the neighbour’s house girl cut her wrist badly on glass, right through to the tendons, blood everywhere, no one at her house -she managed to get herself to our gates crying for help, so we rushed her to two hospitals, the first one didn’t deal with serious injuries. She had to have it stitched under anaesthetic, I have seen her today and she looks ok.

‘Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.’ Corinthians 13 v 6 Robert sent me this verse during the week from Lent with Compassion.

Bob has gone to Mbale for a couple of weeks to work with the builders on the house for the widow, and her 5 children. Instead of giving them money he will go and buy the building materials and he and the local Councillor, will supervise everything, which will probably hurry things along.

I revisited the Street Children’s Project to discuss in more detail the work. Your prayers would be appreciated to know how much Homes of Promise should be involved. Friday afternoon (1pm – 5pm) is the Women’s World Day of Prayer service at Namirembe Cathedral, having lunch with Sue beforehand.

Beatrice has laid three eggs now, in Brian’s room, it seems she would like to live in there and tries to hop in at every opportunity. Barbra and I have played cards this week (teaching me the game the street children play), Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Draughts. We watch an Indian soap together every evening which we’re hooked on. The weather is still hot with not much rain, and the typhoid epidemic continues to be serious.

Life in Kampala continues to be interesting, the traffic doesn’t improve, the heat can be oppressive, music seems to play at all times of the day and night, I eat matoke, rice, beans and pasta most days, wherever I go I get called Muzungu, (white person), but I love being a part of it all and not sure I’ll be returning home yet!

With love and best wishes.