22nd May, 2016

Dear friends,

Monday morning saw Tim and I back at the hospital for his 8 week check up at 8am. We had missed the appointment last week and finding the file when you have missed an appointment is not an easy task, it takes hours for them to locate. So we prepared ourselves for a long wait. Everyone recognises us, I’m probably the only Muzungu to come here! Tim’s last blood count had not been good so after seeing the doctor we waited for Tim to see the counsellor, they are anxious that he might not be taking the medication at the regular times, I think this might have happened whilst I was at home in the UK and he was staying with his uncle in Jinga, consequently he has to come back after a month. We eventually left the hospital at 11.30am – not sure how we jumped the queue for the tablets as there were at least 40 people in front of us – answer to prayer.

Tuesday morning I went to George’s Place and taught the boys how to make banana pancakes, they were a bit thick but tasty and all got eaten in five minutes, on Friday they will make them without my assistance so that will be interesting, we had cassava flour and mashed bananas everywhere! – Friday’s pancakes turned out much better without my assistance. Betty has also been showing them how to make chapattis which are delicious especially with onions in.

‘I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his spirit.’ Ephesians 3 v 16

As I drive around Kampala daily I am confronted by need everywhere, one morning a young man was sprawled across the pavement sound asleep, obviously exhausted, possibly hungry or sick, (could have died) if I had someone with me I would have stopped but with the difficulty of language and culture I continued and only prayed. There are also many beggars either sitting by the side of the road, or knocking on the car windows, some lame, missing limbs, young girls from Karamoja carrying babies on their backs, mostly people just struggling to get enough money that day for food – life has many challenges for the destitute and poor.

Peace came on Thursday, talked to the boys, stayed for lunch and then her, Sam and I walked them to Munyonyo – a long walk for Peace! We were hoping to play football but the grass was too wet and balls are prohibited at the moment, so we just had a soda and a taxi ride back, which cost about £1.50 for 10 of us – good value. We also had a visits this week from Brian a pastor whose wedding I attended last year and Moses from AYDF who came to see Augustine.

Paul was diagnosed with malaria again on Friday, he has only recently finished the last course of treatment, he has been very ill and stayed in the local clinic for a couple of days on a drip, Tresor and I took it in turns to stay with him as he had to have someone there all the time, also Anthony and Samuel have been unwell so have attended the clinic, Anthony has to have injections everyday, they diagnosed typhoid but as he’s playing football most of the time I find that hard to believe! After spending time with Paul on Friday evening I returned to George’s Place and we all had a time of praise, worship and prayer, especially for Paul. It was very special Betty (cook) led the singing, Sam prayed and I shared a few verses, I came away feeling all the anxiety and hard work are worth it, good to focus on God and not the problems!

Well another week has passed, time certainly goes quickly. Paul is thankfully on the mend, the rest of the boys went to Ggaba beach to play and relax on Saturday with William and big Paul, and young Paul and I joined them for an hour when he had finished his medication as he was desperate to go there. This morning I brought them to my church the youngest ones went to Sunday School led by a pleasant American young lady. I am thinking of spending a couple of days away as I fainted at the clinic this morning when I was taking Paul and Anthony back for injections – probably doing too much!

With love and prayers.