18th September, 2022

Dear friends,

Technology is wonderful, I’ve just been able to watch The Queen’s grandchildren keeping vigil around her coffin. It’s been incredible to be able to keep up with the news and to see how many people there are in London waiting to pay their respects and appreciation to our devout, inspirational and dedicated late Queen, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I arrived back in Uganda, Wednesday morning, was met by Tresor and Jesse (who often drives for me when we’re travelling up country). We went straight to George’s Place, a few boys were there but most are back at school or college. I didn’t stay for long as it had been a tiring journey and I wanted to settle into the flat. Santa was there to meet me which was good as I didn’t have a key!

“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” ‭Matthew‬ ‭5:4‬ ‭

Thursday I looked for the new office and found Peace and Petra. Peace and I then went to Maranatha school to see Musumba (Johnson) and Kasita as forms had to be filled in for taking their examinations. Peace then returned to the office whilst I travelled back to George’s Place to meet the boys coming from school. We celebrated my return with cake, sodas, snicker bars, oranges and new hats a kind lady from Christchurch, St. Alban’s had knitted them.

Dennis was delighted to receive the laptop that IT Schools Africa have donated to help him as he studies for his Senior 4 exams later this year.

Saturday afternoon I returned to George’s Place. The journey to Garuga was interesting, I passed a camel being ridden by a couple of young men, numerous tethered goats, chickens, a herd of cattle walking along the express highway, and as I turned off for Garuga, I was waved over by a pleasant young policeman, who asked me a number of questions before eventually letting me on my way!

Some of the boys wanted me to visit the football academy so that they could have a ‘kick’ around. They said it was a long walk, which it was – about an hour each way, but it wasn’t too warm and good exercise. Augustine has been visiting the home for a few days; as work has been difficult to find he is going back to the village to spend time helping his mum. It is the planting season and there has been plenty of rain here, so this will be a great help for her. Godfrey also called in to see me but is working so didn’t stay for long.

It’s good to be back, it’s rained every day and isn’t particularly warm and it will probably take me sometime to get used to the red dust again which gets into everything but all was well at GP and the office, for which I am extremely thankful.
Thank you for all your support and prayers.

With love and blessings.