25th September, 2022

Dear friends,

Last Monday morning Kodet went back to Maranatha boarding school, he’s still feeling sorry for himself but definitely well enough to be there now.

I have been working at the office most of this week but called at George’s Place on Wednesday as I had an appointment with Julius from the American Embassy, regarding Charles, who is due to fly back to the USA this Sunday evening. Unfortunately the appointment was cancelled as Julius was unwell. As I arrived
Marie, the Artist called as she was going to the village again with her church and we had arranged for her to collect some of the knitted baby/toddler clothes, to give out, she really appreciated them and said she would send me photos. The local clinic in Garuga have also been distributing some of our knitted items and have sent pictures.

‘The Lord watches over you— the LORD is your shade at your right hand;’ Psalm 121 v5

On Wednesday afternoon we had a scare as Dan had run away from school after he was beaten by a teacher. I’m afraid I was extremely unhappy as the school didn’t even know he was missing and by the time we found out 3 hrs. had gone by, we hunted everywhere, visited his school friends but he was nowhere to be seen. The school contacted the police and eventually at 10.30pm our prayers were answered and he was found. Andrew the school director called to see me this afternoon to apologise. He appreciated that beating children is against the law of Uganda and assured me steps were being taken to ensure nothing like this happened again.

As Charles is going back to the USA we arranged to visit his birth mother – and had a really amazing day going to Bussi a very small island on Lake Victoria near Entebbe. Benard, Jesse, Charles and I went, leaving Garuga about 8.15am. We drove to the ferry and queued for a while, as there is only one ferry and you have to wait until it returns hoping that your car fits on the next trip! When we got to the other side Jesse drove for about an hour until we found the boats taking you to Bussi. There was no way I was going to allow my car to be transported across on what looked like a wooden float, so we all climbed into a small engine-powered boat (the fuel in a Jerry can!) and were navigated through the swamps. There were beautiful tall water lilies, of pale pink, lilac and a darker mauve with lots of Africa Jacanas (or lily trotters – long legged long toed water birds). It’s in an area renowned for shoebills but sadly we didn’t see any. When we landed on the island we were met by a headteacher, (there are very few vehicles on the island, and he had come out of school with his car to help us) he then drove us to where Charles’ family lived. Charles’ mother and stepfather were so pleased to see him, we stayed and talked for over an hour and had a time of prayer before we left, it was all very emotional. We then went to visit the headteacher’s school and met all 150 children. It was a beautiful island, very peaceful and friendly. We arrived back in Garuga just as our boys were coming out of school.

Today, Saturday, I went and collected Johnson from Maranatha, as he wanted to go to George’s Place for the weekend. (Kasita said he couldn’t come as he needed to wash his clothes). We arrived at lunchtime and later in the afternoon the boys went off to play football. I came home as Ian and Christine were coming to me for supper.

It’s been an eventful week, has rained most days, I’ve been pulled over by the police four times since I’ve been back here, to check my driving license and vehicle! Please pray for Charles as he returns to the USA it’s a very complicated story but he is happy to be going to Georgia.

With love and prayers