22nd July, 2019

Dear friends,

I arrived in Uganda on Saturday afternoon having left Nicky and Paula (my son and daughter-in-law’s home) about 24 hours earlier. The flight was fine and everything went smoothly. Bob, of course, was there to meet me and take me to see the boys at George’s Place. There was a ‘welcome back cake’ sodas and popcorn – their usual visit to KK Beach had been cancelled as I was arriving, we had a great afternoon and I eventually arrived home at 8pm.

It’s been a busy few weeks in the U.K. with the completion of my house sale and moving out, travelling around to stay with friends and family, also Bob visiting for two weeks – meeting many of you, and sending 14 boxes of the clothes etc. that you provided, by sea, which will take 3 months to arrive here.

‘We entered into the new country of grace – a new life in a new land!’ Romans 6 v3

The Thanksgiving Celebration in June was wonderful, so many of you managed to come along and we received over £4,000 in donations to Homes of Promise during our visit. Thank you for all your love and support. On visiting the ‘dump’ at Barrowell Green, Bob and I purchased four second-hand skateboards for a few pounds, that he brought back, the boys are now really proficient at skateboarding!

I was expecting a rest today but it was Paul’s Visiting Day at Meeting Point (Vocational training – Tailoring Course), it was good to see him and his school report was remarkable – he was top in the class for Practical Work and received an ‘A’, his theory work has improved, he attainted over 50%, gaining a ‘C’ (he has missed out on schooling in the past) – the teacher was extremely pleased with his attitude to work/behaviour and even the Bursar was happy. This is so encouraging to us, seeing the boy’s lives changing in remarkable ways and we give Glory to God for His Grace.

Bob also attended Visiting Days for Derick, Simon Peter and Brian over the last couple of weeks, all of them are doing well on their courses. Prayers please for Denis, attending boarding school who has been excluded for a time following an incident.

Uncle Paul has contacted me (he is still in Rwanda and has been unable to return as the border remains closed) he and his family have been granted asylum to the USA (they are from DRC), although we are obviously sad that he will not be returning to George’s Place this is a wonderful opportunity for them and we wish him well in his new life.

Anton has harvested his first crop of maize and gnuts, and sold them, (he sent us some of the maize) – he would like to be buying himself a bicycle with the money but we need to talk to him about budgeting not buying luxuries just yet! Hopefully, we will visit him soon. The tomatoes and cabbages he planted before he left GP at Easter are doing well.

The Ministry of Gender visited GP whilst we were in the U.K., on Bob’s return he and Peace attended a meeting at their offices.

Peanut my new dog has grown considerably and is nearly the same size as Jackie – his behaviour has not improved. Patrick, my gardener/helper has his wife and two young children staying here at present whilst he looks for somewhere nearby to rent for them. Tresor arrived unexpectedly yesterday evening, to stay the night. I had three enormous cockroaches in my bath this evening, have placed jars over them and will remove them in the morning, they move very quickly – consequently never a dull moment here in Africa!

Who knows what this week holds in store!

With love and blessings to you all.