2nd April, 2017

Dear friends,

This week we returned to Mbale as there were a few problems at the hostel where the boys are staying – hopefully these have now been resolved and we are looking forward to the boys coming back to Kampala for Easter.  Tim seemed very tired, he says it’s hard working in the kitchens at Mount Elgon Hotel where he is doing his placement, he looked smart in his white shirt and black trousers, I’m so proud of him – doing so well on his course.

Whilst we were in Mbale we delivered about 120 ‘fish and chips’ baby jumpers and hats to the maternity wards at the hospital, again they have asked us not to put any of these photos on our website or on Facebook.  The clothes were all gratefully received – there didn’t seem as many new mums this week but obviously numbers fluctuate.

On Friday Bob and I met with a vicar, who Sue put me in touch with, from South Sudan he has been involved in setting up a church in one of the refugee camps here, and is helping us to find the best way of taking food to those who are in the camps but are not registered with the UN and therefore not entitled to food.  (People arrive from South Sudan who have relatives in the camp but they cannot be registered as the camp is full and consequently are not entitled to food, their relatives share what little they have with them – a very sad situation).  We are also aware of some child soldiers from SS who are not far from the camp and trying to survive.

‘Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.’ Philippians 4 v8

Our boys are all fit and well, some are struggling at school but they all behave themselves and are trying hard – it must be so difficult for those who have had little or no schooling in the past to sit and concentrate all day.  The boys have also decided to not eat meat on Tuesdays during Lent and to give the money saved to the church.  Big Brian shares some of his breakfast with a boy from South Sudan at school – I learn so much from them.

Shaffick has been practising a ‘rap’ that Peace has written for the International Day of the Street Child celebrations in a couple of weeks time – he is very confident, always demanding attention and happy to be representing Homes of Promise on the day. He was on the streets for some time and features on our video when we picked him up in Kisenyi. The boys are all so different!

We are still busy in the office, sorting out paper work for registering George’s Place as a home with the Ministry of Gender, Fridah has also been learning how to calculate the PAYE and taxes. There always seems so much paperwork, but I make time to take the four boys who are not yet at school out for a couple of hours the days I am around.

The weather is warm, still a few thunderstorms and rain at night but sunny most days.  Saturday afternoon we all visited KK Beach, even Dennis managed an hour there after school, the boys played football, danced, enjoyed throwing the frisbee’s and drinking sodas, it was really enjoyable seeing them having so much fun.

Today I am going to Kampala International Church, the service is being held on the beach near Munyonyo as all three branches of the church are coming together, Paul and Tresor will be there.

With love and prayers.