26th March, 2017

Dear friends,

You have been very much in my thoughts and prayers this week following the terrible attack in Westminster.  Seeing all the news reports made me realise how much I miss and appreciate the ‘law and order’ of home.

On Wednesday morning we were stopped in traffic, a boda boda came past us as two women were crossing the road, there was an awful collision – the girl passenger on the boda cut her head badly and one of the women broke a bone in her foot, we obviously took them to hospital, thankfully they were conscious as you can be blamed for an accident even if you are not involved – there are very few ambulances in Kampala.

We have now been promised donations of £2,000 for food to take to the refugees from South Sudan, so I am finding out about transport etc. to be taking it to Bidi Bidi a refugee camp in north-west Uganda.

Last Sunday afternoon we were delighted to meet up with Ole and his wife Lise (her first time in Uganda) at Munyonyo for a game of football which Ole, the staff and boys enjoyed, whilst Lise and I looked on.  They then returned to George’s Place with us for tea.  They had bought lots of gifts for the boys, footballs, badminton rackets, underpants (Calvin Klein!) socks, T-shirts, jackets etc. (clothes from a school in Norway), toothbrushes and medical supplies of plasters and antiseptic cream, all gratefully received by the boys.

‘The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does. The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.’ Psalm 145 v 13/14

On Monday, Bob and I took Ole and Lise to Kisenyi, to meet some of the boys still living on the streets, buying posho and beans for them.  This was a very different side to Kampala than Ole has visited before and I believe made a lasting impression on them both. We met Sandy and Daniel who had stayed with us in the past but who had both returned to life on the streets as they missed the ‘fuel sniffing’ and could not settle.  It was sad to see them so dirty and ‘spaced out of their minds on the jet fuel’.  Please pray for them.

We have picked up a new boy, Patrick, who we have known since we fed the boys over a year ago, he is 17 now and was really keen to come to George’s Place – prayers please as he settles in.

We went in search of little Brian’s mum this week, we visited Entebbe and were told that she was staying near Kampala, we visited the suburb to be told she was travelling back from Kenya, eventually we found a telephone no. for her and took Brian to meet her on Saturday afternoon.  It’s another sad story and very confusing!

Bob and I spent 4 hours in a printers on Thursday morning – we are having some leaflets produced about Homes of Promise – George’s Place, nothing is easy here, everything takes hours and the heat in the offices can be overpowering especially as they were underground – these leaflets will be given out at the ‘Quartet and Cakes’ afternoon on 21st May at Jesus Church.

This Sunday being Lady Day I have been invited to a church service by Gwennie. It will be good to catch up with her again.  Gwennie and I were both on the Prayer and Spirituality Committee for the MU and she stayed with me a few times on her visits to London, I also stayed with her here in Kampala when I first came.

So another interesting week, I am at present sitting at KK Beach whilst the boys play football and badminton – the music is loud, I’m the only muzungu in sight! Dennis has joined me and a young man asking for money to help him with college fees – I’m getting better at saying no!

Great news – I received an email today advising that ‘Spurs’ are sending us some football kits which I know the boys will be thrilled with. We are certainly being blessed.

With love and prayers