11th April, 2021

Dear friends,

The boys had a Happy Easter. Tresor visited George’s Place last Saturday afternoon, he fixed the television connections. The T.V. had come back from the shop repaired but needed a new aerial connection. He spent time with the boys and stayed the night. Tresor has been a volunteer at Homes of Promise since we first started feeding the boys in Kisenyi, before we had George’s Place. I met him not long after I arrived in Uganda, at Kampala International Church, he is a very special young man, from Rwanda and was at college, but now has his degree and is working as an electrician near Gayaza – usually coming back to Kampala for the church services on Sundays.

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:3‬

Easter Sunday the boys went to church in the morning. After a special lunch, Shadrach, with some of the boys visited Dennis at boarding school, taking him chicken and chips and some groceries before they went off to KK Beach, the first time since lockdown last year. From the photographs I can see that some of the area is flooded as the water from Lake Victoria has continued to rise. This must be terrible for the market and people living nearby, I’m not even sure if the market is still in existence!

The boys returned to school on Monday and Shadrach delivered the heavy requirements; each student needed a ream of papers. Victor seems to have settled back well.

Flavia has been in touch and Abdul was released from hospital last week, I heard from her yesterday evening that he has been in terrible pain so she is taking him back there. I had really wanted her to take him to CORSU hospital, which is near Entebbe as they have such a good reputation for paediatric orthopaedic surgery. Your prayers please for Abdul.

Ronald and Asaph came home for the weekend but have now returned to Don Bosco for their courses.

Unfortunately, one of the older boys has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, I have been in contact with The Surgery, where I attend in Kampala and have received advice on treatment for him.

Peanut, my dog, who we rescued as a puppy, at the International Day for Street Connected Children in 2019 needed a visit to the vet, so Shadrach kindly took her. She has really grown and probably won’t recognise me when I return.

Anton has now finished the latrine, photos attached. He is keen to get started on the house building project but plans need to be drawn up and approval by the LC needs to be granted.

Thankfully our work continues, but your prayers please as life can be challenging and difficult for these youngsters as they settle back into school or college.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Love Jane