Sunday 26th May 2024

Dear friends,

Apart from Monday, Petra has been off this week taking accountancy examinations.

Peace and I met in the office Tuesday and then went to Garuga to talk with the older boys before they return to school/vocational training next Monday.

The older boys had a list of things that they wanted to discuss with us! Mainly about not taking food extras back with them i.e. juice, hot chocolate, biscuits, g-nut paste etc. but us keeping the money that we would spend on these items and saving it as part of a package for when they finish school/college. They are all keen on saving money! We will give them pocket money so that they can treat themselves to snacks and they will make ‘daddies’ – little biscuits. Of course, they will need to take tea, sugar, soap, washing soap, deodorants, toothpaste, shoe polish, brooms, toilet paper, as these are necessary requirements.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭9‬ ‭

On Wednesday Jessie drove Ram, Peace and I to Seeta to do ‘home tracing’. Ram wasn’t sure of the location of where he had stayed but knew a phone number of a relative who directed us to his great aunt. We talked with her and her older son and young daughter and she advised us that his grandmother (her sister) had died and she wasn’t sure where Ram’s mother was. She was happy for Ram to visit her during holiday times. We then visited the LC1 to get our papers signed and stamped. We will try to find his mother and father but ‘word’ seems to spread when we have visited and we might get some information back in the next few weeks.

Following this we called at Connect Africa and met Charles their director; we are planning for Sula to start there. He has been at Jinja on a hairdressing course but has told us that there are very few other activities at the college. He had been doing well, but asked if we could allow him to go to Connect Africa with Victor and Saviour. Sula can be disruptive, he is a ‘character’, funny, full of chat and challenging at times. We have talked with him and been firm about how we expect him to behave. On Monday Peace and I will be taking the three of them back to college, I had hoped to speak with Lynn the American lady who runs the college but have not been able to get through. They do have computer training, basketball, football and allow the boys to make chapatis and cook snacks in their spare time.

Isaac (Joseph) the other new boy will not be attending school next week, until we can find out more information from him. He keeps changing his name, his story, where he comes from. He is very young and I am hoping, as he will be the only boy at George’s Place during the day that he will open up to either Benard or Tresor. He is very much a loner and he might need to have counselling. Your prayers please for him and Jovan, who has not been found and who needs medication, this is a concern.

The boys are all looking forward to returning to school/college. I visited them yesterday afternoon to check everything was fine. Big Dennis is attending his school Prom. in the next couple of weeks and has a suit and shirt for the occasion. I spoke at length with Joseph (plumbing course) who had been in the village for the holidays – he is wanting to learn to drive – perhaps something we can arrange for the next holidays. Griffin is trying to find his mum – I did have a phone no for his maternal grandmother on file and he called her – hopefully she will get back to him with information. There was a heated discussion between Kasita and Kodet regarding a pair of jogging trousers – but this was resolved. The older boys are all so much bigger than the staff but Benard and Tresor seem to resolve controversies by remaining calm, listening and finding solutions!

Tomorrow the minibus will drop Johnson at school , then take the boys for Don Bosco to the Bombo Road for them to catch a matatu (taxi), then take Kodet, Dennis, young Brian to their schools and last Kasita. It’s been busy with them all home for the holidays and hopefully the staff can relax a bit when they’re back studying.

We are thankful for all your prayers, kindness and support; school fees/requirements are rising all the time but we have the funds to clear all our boy’s fees again this term and to help a few other youngsters as well – giving thanks to the Lord for His provision. Prayers please, so many people in Uganda are struggling to pay for their children’s education.

With love and prayers

Jane x