11th June, 2016

Dear friends,

The boys seem to be settling in well and it’s been good getting to know them and their different personalities. Brian is very quiet, the best at spelling and bright, Ronald is very easy going and not often upset by anyone. Paul and Timothy love dancing so we have had a young man teaching them all street dancing. Samuel has had to have another 3 fillings, probably caused by sucking to much sugar cane. All the boys are busy at the moment sorting beans for tomorrow’s lunch. Uncle Sam has rationed the toilet paper and arranged for Anthony to distribute when needed – I’m beginning to think my being careful has gone past the limits of acceptance! I keep moaning about the amount of charcoal, electricity and food being consumed, so they are all being careful, I think everyone is scared to tell me things have run out!

Barbara and Geoff from Bridge of Hope called in home on their way back to Entebbe and I appreciated seeing them and hearing about their work in Rukungiri.

Daisy and Sue (dogs) are great and love William, but that might be because he shares his food with them and also takes them for the occasional walk. They are no trouble but I’m reluctant to take them to George’s Place because of all the noise. Beatrix has produced another five chicks and William has made a frame in the hope that next door’s cat doesn’t eat these ones. Pat’s youngest dog died unexpectedly this week, he was a really lovely dog, big, black and brown, with one floppy ear, I’ve spent some time with her in the evenings as she has been very upset.

 ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.’ Psalm 150 v 6.

The invitations have gone out for the opening of George’s Place, the tent, tables, chairs and food ordered so we’re looking forward to the celebration on the 18th. Homes of Promise now have a Post Office box no.5866, Kampala, if you would like to send mail, I’ve been warned that most post gets opened and looked at but letters and cards do arrive safely eventually.

We have a new addition to George’s Place, Godfrey.

On Friday Sam, Bob and I took Paul to visit his half sister in the village, there is a possibility of him going and staying with her and her husband; on our way back we went via the taxi park in Kampala, Paul wanted to speak to some of his friends so he and I walked around meeting them, Bob went and bought 50 chapattis as the boys there were all hungry; we found Sandy and Ivan who were both sniffing jet fuel. Godfrey was one of the boys, we know him from the Meals for Kids project, as we left he ran along side the car until we reached the market pleading to come with us, we let him in and took him to George’s Place. After bathing, clean clothes, eating and drinking we showed him where he would sleep, he said he had never slept in a bed in his whole life, it might be difficult for him settling as the other boys are really confident now with us and each other so prayers please.

Next week we will look at the possibility of feeding the street boys again in the centre of Kampala, doing like a soup run but with rice and vegetables, it was really upsetting seeing them all so hungry yesterday, it would be wonderful if we could find a venue and offer bathing and washing facilities as well but nowhere seems to have materialised.
So it’s been another busy week in Kampala, the weather has been hot and dry, one afternoon I walked back from George’s Place to home it took nearly two hours so I won’t be doing it regularly! Saturday we took the boys swimming and then to Ggaba beach which they enjoyed.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, please do pray for all the boys:

Timothy , Augustine (called Okurut – surname), Anthony, Samuel, Simon Peter, Ronald, Brian, Paul, Godfrey.

With love and prayers.