25th June, 2016

Dear friends,

Here I am again at another hospital, the one run by the British doctor from church.  I am here with Tim, he is really unwell, has abscesses on his tonsils and is having blood tests done for malaria ( negative) etc. – we were there all day.

Yesterday Sam, Bob and I took Tim and Augustine to their home villages and although Tim was quiet and said he had a sore throat which I gave him paracetamol for he seemed fine, but now he has a very high temperature and is on a drip. (3 were given). I wish I knew more medically, so I could help more – there’s no medication whilst living on the streets.  All a worry.

Our meeting yesterday in the village was helpful, we met Tim’s aunts, uncles and cousins and paid our respects at his father’s grave.  Tim had lived in this village until he was 6years when his father died, (his mother had left when he was a baby – name and whereabouts unknown) he was then taken by an uncle to live in Jinja.  Following this we travelled on for a couple of hours and met Augustine’s mother and visited their home, seeing the local Probation Officer and Local Councillor, it was a busy day driving on bad road.  The boys found my reaction to seeing goats being hung up and having their throats cut (I believe halal meat) strange but there are some things I don’t think I will ever get used to!  Good to be in contact with the boys relatives and all worthwhile.

‘Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.’  James 1 v 2 & 3

Later in the week we took Samuel to meet his mother as she is staying near Kampala.  His father and grandmother live near Masaka and will be visited another time when we take 3 boys from that area back to visit. The time was helpful, Samuel has spent most of his life with his grandmother (father’s side) and only recently seen his mother.

George’s Place seems to be running smoothly, Paul is willing to work extra hours which helps when we are taking the boys to see their families.  We have bought new shoes for some of the boys, they don’t seem to last long at all, every week someone needs to have shoes, the best ones are the trainers I have brought from the UK so if you have any in good condition sizes 5/6/7 and could save them for me that would be a help.  Two St. John’s Ambulance members are coming on Monday and Tuesday to train Uncle Sam and Rogers on First Aid techniques, so we will be well prepared in any emergency – not where my talents lie.

On Thursday afternoon we had a visit from members of St. Paul’s, Katuuso, the local church we attend, who are running a mission this week.  7 members came, spoke to the boys and prayed with them.  We have had to buy another dining table and benches to add to the first one so we can all sit together at meal times or when visitors arrive.

Many thanks for your prayers and messages, only 10 weeks before I’m home!

With love and prayers.


PS. On Thursday evening I went out with Pat and Elmarie (a South African lady who attends KIC), for a meal at the Bistro, near Acacia Mall, lovely food, good company and great to have an evening out.  Pat and I are going to an art exhibition on Sunday after church – so a bit of a social life going on!  Uber seems to have started in Kampala so possibility of outings in the evenings, good efficient, reasonable minicab hire.