3rd July, 2016

Dear friends,

St. John’s Ambulance held the First Aid Course in the office to train Uncle Sam and Rogers on Monday and Tuesday this week. They both received certificates on passing the written and practical work. So we now thankfully have two First Aiders.

On Wednesday Bob, Sam and I took Ronald to visit his home.  The journey was good and on arriving at the local district we went and met the Probation Officer who came with us.  Unfortunately Ronald’s father had locked up the house and gone to the nearest town but we met one of Ronald’s cousins and an aunt and uncle who lived nearby. Ronald is the youngest in his family, his mother died a few years ago.  The house was in a very deserted place.  For the last 3 years wherever I have travelled in Uganda whether in villages or remote areas children always arrive to greet you, this was the first place I had been to without children, we stayed for about an hour and only saw the three other family members.  It must be very difficult to earn a living from the land there as the soil was poor and there was no sign of water.  Ronald was really welcomed by his cousin who informed us that she had cared for him when his mother passed away.  The Probation Officer was concerned about the situation and is helping us to obtain a Care Order.

The boys have been swimming again at a local pool and we spent an afternoon running around Munyonyo.  We are looking for different people to come and spend time with the boys, encouraging them in art, English and maths.  I am trying to find somewhere that does vocational training as we feel some of the older boys would benefit from learning about carpentry, mechanics, welding, tailoring etc. but everything takes time and needs to be looked into.  Connie from the UK who came on the opening day has helped us buy a large Ludo board and footballs which the boys are delighted with.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Be strong and courageous’ Joshua 1 v5/6

I have at last received the key for the Post Office box, PO Box 5866 I’m not sure what the hold-up was but believe you need to write to me via ‘Homes of Promise’.  I have also obtained a work permit for a year which can be renewed for longer after the first year, this means I can apply for a Ugandan driving licence and be working/driving legally (you can only drive for three months on a British one) – no salary of course!

We have had a bit of upset one of the boys who is anxious about being taken back to visit his mother and is thinking of running away from here if we plan a visit – we have spent some time talking and listening to his concerns but he is looking miserable and upset, it’s difficult when they won’t tell you what the problem is. We have just finished lunch and can’t find him so presume he has left, your prayers for him please.

I’ve been telling the boys Bible stories, Bob translating for those whose English isn’t good.  It’s strange as they don’t seem to know many of the parables but they and the staff seem to be enjoying them.

With love and blessings.


PS: Date for your diary Homes of Promise Thanksgiving, Thurs 22nd September, 7.30pm Jesus Church, Forty Hall