Sunday 25th June, 2023

Dear friends,

Good morning, this weekend I am in Exeter visiting Sue Parks, who was a Trustee of Homes of Promise a few years ago, (we met in Uganda in 2014). Sue was awarded the Medal of Saint Boniface at a special service at the Cathedral on Saturday afternoon in recognition of her work in the Anglican Communion over many years and her continuing nurturing of overseas links with Thirka in Kenya, Cyprus and the Gulf. It was a privilege to attend such a memorable event.

This week Peace and Tresor (Jessie driving) have been travelling to the east of Uganda. They first went to Kayunga to take Dan back home to his parents. They spoke with the Probation Officer but he was busy in a meeting. Sadly, that same day Dan left home again and arrived back at George’s Place on Thursday morning- tired and hungry. We are obviously not getting to the root problem of Dan’s running away and I think he needs a lot more counselling to find out exactly what is going on in the home situation and his reasons for leaving. Tresor took two school bags for George, Dan’s younger brother, who we are paying school fees for and his sister Sheirah.

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Remain in my love” John 15 v9

Peace and Tresor then took Shaffick home to Bugiri before travelling on to Tororo to meet with the Local Probation Officer and resettle Omoding, who was officially signed over into his father’s care, he is doing well in college on a hairdressing course and has recently been spending holidays in the village. I am pleased with the way he has matured over the last nine months and his appreciation of his stepmother and step siblings.

Unfortunately, the minibus had a puncture the following morning which delayed the homeward journey. Peace and Tresor managed to call in and see Derek’s father – in Mayuga, there had been an upset when Derek stayed with him recently, and after spending some time talking together he gave them matoke and sweet potatoes – Derek is at Marjorine College and unfortunately won’t be enjoying them! They also visited the boys at Hope Vocational College, though by the time they arrived Ronald had gone out.

The younger boys went to football Saturday afternoon and I had an opportunity of speaking with Saviour, young Denis, Simon Peter, Tim and Tresor who weren’t playing when I called. I’m pleased to report all is well!

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Love Jane x