19th February , 2023

Dear friends,

Kasita, is going back to school today (Sunday). He is going to Muzza High School in Mukono, S1, which is near where his grandfather and aunt live. Tresor and Jessie are taking him.

Poor peanut is looking very sad, he sees the boys metal boxes and school requirements come out of the house and his tail goes down. I thought he would be happy not being pulled around so much but he seems to be pining and missing the excitement.

On Monday morning I drove first thing to Garuga and collected Johnson (Musumba), Kodet and Tresor. We went first to Trinity Academy where Johnson (S1) is going to school, we were there a couple of hours whilst I sorted out payments, filled in forms, and he was measured for his uniform and signed a good conduct form. The school is just off the old Entebbe Road. I then drove to our office, where Trevor a new driver, took my car with Peace and Kodet and drove to the other side of Kampala to Faith High School where Kodet is going (S2). Tresor, Petra and I worked on the accounts.

“For the Lord is good and his love endures for ever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭100‬:‭5‬ ‭

We now have only Dennis (S5) to find a school for, he was at Maranatha, but I think he could do with being in a larger school. He has been staying with a friend this week and working. Petra is going to Tororo to visit Omoding and pay his vocational fees this coming week.

On Wednesday Tresor and Jessie took Joseph, Griffin and Musa to Don Bosco, Asaph went with them to greet his past teachers. He has finished his training now but is continuing at the Industrial training site for a few weeks to gain more experience.
The day before the boys left Joseph visited the dentist and was happy having a new false tooth – in front. Simon Peter also visited the Counsellor and will see him again next week.

Thursday was a Bank holiday and I spent the afternoon with the boys, chatting, whilst some did homework, played board games, watched TV, out of the sun!

I’ve had a few problems with my Ugandan telephone, it was disconnected on Wednesday as my visa had expired, (I couldn’t work out what was wrong initially), I went to the MTN shop and reregistered with my work permit. I went Friday and Saturday mornings – had my photo taken on both occasions, had photos taken of my passport and work permit, signed their forms twice and wouldn’t leave on the Saturday until I got a line, which took two hours. My only comment was that their system didn’t work well – happily I’m able to call the older boys now!

It’s been really hot here again, 32 degrees most days! On Saturday afternoon we walked to Sky Beach so that the boys could have a swim. They entertained themselves organising races, seeing who could jump the furthest from the side of the pool, who was best at underwater swimming and finding coins Tresor had thrown in. There were only the 8 younger ones and Simon Peter, but they certainly enjoyed their time. Little Bethel’s English has improved or it might be his confidence, he told me he liked going to school but wants to be in Denis’ class and is staying at George’s Place – we have heard nothing from the authorities as to how long he will be with us but he phones his mum regularly.

The school fees are paid, which is such a relief, it’s unbelievable how much the fees and requirements have risen. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. We have a Management Meeting on Tuesday which I would really appreciate prayers for. We have a new board with the Mayor of Katabi sending two representatives. Benard has had this last week off work but all has run smoothly with Eric who has been working at GP since the party in November.

With love and prayers.

Jane x