26th February, 2023

Dear friends,

Our new Management Committee met on Tuesday, at George’s Place, there were three representatives from Katabi Town Council, the Hon. Juma Abdallah, the Senior CDO (Robert) and the CDO (Priscilla), they made valuable contributions to our discussions. Ken chaired the meeting and Norah, Patience, Ian and members of staff also attended. We talked of visions for the future, fund raising in Uganda and support for the boys as they leave our care, it was a very productive meeting followed by lunch.

On Wednesday, Peace, Jessie (driver) and I took Dennis to Bethany High School where he will begin in Senior 5 on the 6th March. I had met the head teacher years ago at Kamwokya when I helped at a medical camp at her church, she is an MU member. We then drove to meet Derek (car mechanics course) at the vocational institute and took him a couple of pairs of black trousers. Derek was telling me he spends three days a week in a local garage. We then travelled on to Mukono and dropped off more requirements for Kasita. He was in class and we didn’t get an opportunity to talk with him.

‘Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.’ Jude 1 v 2

After this we travelled to Kayunga and visited Dan’s school to pay fees for him and his brother George, we were surprised to find their sister had also joined nursery class, Shilla (I think that’s her name!). We dropped off brooms, toilet paper, cups, spoons, school books, pens, pencils, crayons etc. paid for uniforms, admission fees and lunches (+ fees) before taking the children with us and visiting their parents.

They have added mud to the outside walls of their home, which is an improvement and had put down cardboard inside on the mud floor. The father explained that he is going to try and pay the fees for the daughter, little by little, and the school had agreed to this. They are a really nice family but do need help/advice/assistance, they seem to be being accepted more by their neighbours. It was a long day but I was back in time to attend the house group at Christine’s, starting a Lent course on Lectio Divina by 24-7.

Thursday I went to Garuga again as Benard needed to use my laptop to write up the Minutes from Tuesday. I will bring another laptop back from the U.K. as I still have two that have been donated to us but I could only carry three back last time when I returned. Tresor took Simon Peter to see the counsellor again.

I have been trying to sort out Ian, being a signatory and authoriser on the bank account but this still hasn’t been put in place following numerous letters and visits to the bank. I’m planning to go with Ian again next Monday. It’s very quiet at GP during the day with the boys all at school, Tim has been cleaning my car and the minibus and seems to be getting stronger.

I have been unwell for the last couple of days with an upset stomach and didn’t go to GP on Saturday but Ian and a football coach Jonus visited the boys and we are sorting out for some of them to join a football academy.

At the end of next week I am travelling to South Africa for a holiday with friends, hopefully I’ll be able to keep you up to date with events in Uganda via Tresor and Ian.

Thank you once again for all your love and support.

God bless.

Love Jane x