Sunday 1st October, 2023

Dear friends,

On Monday morning we arrived at work but couldn’t get into the office as there had been an electrical fire in the building the previous evening – our office wasn’t affected and later we were allowed in, which we appreciated as we had a Management Meeting on Tuesday and all the paperwork was in the office. Unfortunately, there has been no power in the building since then and the whole place smells very smokey – the loos and car park are also unable to be used. We have therefore had to work from home this week. Augustine met Petra and I outside the offices and I treated him to breakfast, which he thoroughly enjoyed before we managed to get in and collect our documents and his mum’s ID paper from the filing cabinet to enable him to sort out his own ID.

The Management Meeting went well on Tuesday, and the Speaker from Katabi has agreed to help us have a sign post at the end of the road with directions to George’s Place. Ken and Patience also attended and we discussed and sorted out various issues with submitting our quarterly papers to Wakiso District also with the help of the Speaker.

‘Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven.’ Daniel 10:12

On Thursday Peace and I went to see Derek, who is on the motor mechanics course at Marjorine – there had been a couple of problems with him at the college that needed resolving; we also called in on Kodet at Faith High School and Dennis at Bethany High (who looked very smart!) and needed money for a school tour and some text books.

Friday I went to George’s Place in the afternoon and sadly Tim received news that his ‘girlfriend’ had passed away with TB. He had met her at the hospital and spoken with her last Monday, she also called in at GP last Christmas – he was inconsolable. He is still working at the cafe and hoping shortly to be moving into a room on his own. I did manage to see the younger boys when they arrived home from school.

The boys have gone to football training this morning and Christine and I met together to plan the Liturgy and readings for tomorrow morning’s church service. Everything seems to be running smoothly at GP – Tresor is planning to move things from the present storeroom (to a smaller room) so that it can be used as another bedroom for Victor, Sula, Joshua, Savior and young Brian when he returns, following his P7 exams. This will make space in the main bedroom for new boys if/when we get them. Prayers please about taking in new boys, also if we need to relocate the office and for Tim. Tresor has been in Kenya this week as his brother had an operation and he went to support the family but is back now.

We have still had rain most days but at present I’m sitting in the communal gardens at my flat and enjoying the sun. I forgot to mention that on the Management Meeting day we had ‘home grown’ chickens for lunch, (not me) we won’t be eating any more as we are trying to get eggs!

Many thanks for all your love, support and prayers. It’s just started raining again!

Love Jane x