Sunday 8th October, 2023

Good morning friends,

I’m sitting in the shade at ‘Coffee at Last’ cafe, where I usually come to write my newsletter and listen to the Contemplative Walk from St. Martin’s in the Fields, from Tower Hill today. I’m here so regularly that I don’t even have a give an order, my cappuccino arrives automatically!

This week we had a staff training day at George’s Place led by Ian. I think all the staff found it really helpful to be discussing case scenarios and our different approaches. It had been Tresor’s birthday whilst I had been in the UK so I treated the staff and boys to a birthday cake – which always goes down well.

“this is what the Lord says – he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43 v1

Peace and I travelled to Kayunga on Thursday to meet with the Probation Officer to try and get another Court Order for Dan – a long story but we didn’t get the Court Order. I have since approached the Ministry of Gender who advised me to reapply in Kampala and write a report. We also visited the school where Dan’s brother George and sister Shilla attend, paid their school fees and delivered requirements, we then took them back home – letting them share chicken and chips! On visiting their home we found news had got around that we were in the area and both the parents were there. They welcomed us and showed us the children’s school reports which were good. The mother, who is pregnant again, gave us a sack of sweet potatoes and cassava for our boys, on leaving we took the father and bought them wheat flour, rice, bread, sugar, tea, soap, new plastic plates and cups – you can’t imagine how little they have!

On Friday the boys had a day off school as it was a teachers training day, I think they enjoyed the time to relax, help with the cooking (Gorette is unwell at the moment) and catch up with their washing. Ziwa has been working for us, cooking the evening meals with Simon Peter’s help.

Kodet came home on Tuesday as he was unwell but after visiting the clinic and getting some medication returned to school the following day. I think sometimes they just want some home attention when things get too much! Ivan also sent me some photos of himself in new shorts and top he has made. Asaph has returned to his village to collect his ID papers. Patrick who left us a couple of years ago, telephoned to let me know he was staying with his grandmother and family in Rukungiri and wanted to know when I would be visiting – this is a long way from Kampala and won’t be happening for a while.

Today, Saturday, Tresor has gone to see Derek and Kodet and tomorrow Petra will visit Kasita for their visiting days. We also have had the laptop that I brought from the UK for Johnson fixed, it needed a new battery. This afternoon I visited the boys for swimming – Bethel’s mum came to see him, I spoke with his father on the telephone who is still in hospital and says he is doing well. On leaving to return home I found I had a puncture, so got that sorted!
Christine has returned to New York for a couple of weeks – I’m missing her.

Thank you for all your love and support. There hasn’t been as much rain this week!

Love Jane x