Sunday 24th September, 2023

Dear friends,

There has been plenty of rain again this week, some of it torrential. Monday morning when the boys were due back at school/college was particularly bad and Peace, Petra and Tresor had difficulty getting to the office. Young Dennis had to visit the dentist one day this week – he had broken a tooth whilst he was on the streets, before he came to us, and it had started paining him – he had treatment (the remains of the tooth extracted) and seems fine now.

It’s been a quiet week with the boys back in college/school and Bernard still away following his father’s death. There is very little news, the boys were hoping to go swimming today but it’s very overcast and not terribly warm. I’m on my way there shortly – Asaph has phoned to ask me to collect him as I pass by, he is back working at the carpentry centre and asking for materials to start making a table and chairs. Tresor is looking into what he needs. The weather turned warmer this afternoon and we walked to the pool for the boys to swim. Augustine had arrived for the weekend as he needs a copy of his mother’s ID card to process his own and will call at the office on Monday.

‘But I trust in your unfailing love.
I will rejoice because you have rescued me.
I will sing to the Lord
because he is good to me.’ Psalm 13 5/6 NLT

Last Sunday after church I went to visit the boys and spent a lovely afternoon just chatting with them. Before I left we had a time where they could voice any concerns followed by prayer, it was a really special time. They received their school requirements, new vests, pants and sheets, a few needed new school shoes.

Prayers please for Peace’s husband Revd. Michael who had an accident recently and has broke a number of bones in his wrist, he has been in a lot of pain. Prayers also for our Management Meeting that will take place on Tuesday at George’s Place. Hopefully most of the committee will be available. I’m missing Diana who has returned to Canada, I’ve messaged her a few times and she arrived safely. She will shortly be going to Melanesia and India to work – she has a busy, fulfilling life.


As little has been going on this week, I thought it was an opportunity to tell you a bit more about Griffin. He has been with us since September 2019, he was known by a different name when he was first given to us by the Ministry of Gender who at that time asked us to take 5 new boys. Four of them are still with us only Benon has left, (but we have seen him recently in Kisenyi, and he knows he can always ask for help). Griffin had been living with his grandmother and aunts prior to his running to the streets. His mother was working in Dubai and there were many other children in the home. After locating his relatives in Iganga he came back with us and went first to Maranatha Primary School and then transferred to Little Angels for a couple of terms when we relocated George’s Place.

At the end of last year he asked if he could go on a catering course. Griffin has always been a good lad, we have never had any problems with him, he is maturing well and growing up fast, we felt he would settle well in Don Bosco’s, which he has done. He’s on the basketball team at college and loves the game. He has always been good friends with Sula, it’s strange how strong the bonds are between boys who have arrived at the home at the same time. A couple of week’s ago Griffin went to stay with his father whom he now has a good relationship with, and managed to find himself some work at a hotel, he has also been offered work there when he has ‘industrial’ training towards the end of his two year catering course. He was so pleased that he could operate the coffee machine – I think he thought we might be buying one, but I explained how expensive they are. It is encouraging seeing our boys progressing and doing well. Thank you for all your love and support for our work. Lives are being changed, and we give God the Glory.

Love and prayers.

Jane x