Sunday 17th September, 2023

Dear friends,

It’s been a quiet week – though last Monday morning I literally drove through a river to get to work. I prayed all the way through the swamp area which had flooded because of heavy rains and was relieved that the road hadn’t subsided or been washed away. The rains have continued throughout the week but this morning, Saturday it’s warm but overcast.

The boys are all fine. Asaph returned to his home village this week to finish his ID process, which should be ready in three weeks time, ID is really needed when the boys start work – he returned Friday. Dennis, the lad in Senior 4 has opened a bank account, he usually earns some pocket money during the holidays, helping the younger boys with their studies. Brian studying for his P7 exams returned to George’s Place for a few days, he has been in boarding school since we returned from the camp, to study. Benard has been to the school and reported that Brian, who was very anxious earlier this year about achieving good results, had done really well in his mock exams and should pass P7 and be able to go in to Senior 1 next year. Benard and I visited the cafe where Tim works on Thursday and I treated the boys to some madazi (small cakes) that he had made. Joseph returned today from the village and also Griffin, ready for Vocational College on Monday. Griffin has been working in a hotel and when I spoke to him he told me he could now make coffee from the machines, he will be resuming his Catering Course but hopefully can return to the hotel for an internship.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27‬:‭13‬-‭14‬ ‭

We had planned for Revd. John and his wife Joyce to visit the older boys this week to have discussions with them about Relationships and Commitment but unfortunately the traffic on Thursday, following rain, brought everything to a standstill in the centre of Kampala and this visit had to be postponed. I did manage to get to Garuga to deliver all the school requirements and spent the afternoon with the boys, seeing them busy preparing for school next week. Dennis ironing his clothes meticulously – I was sorry I hadn’t brought my ironing for him to do!

Sadly when Benard and I were visiting Tim, Benard had a call to say his father had passed away. He has gone to Pakwatch for the funeral which is taking place today. As this has all happened so quickly none of the staff have been able to attend. Pakwatch is a good distance from Kampala, but it would really be expected for someone to represent our organisation at this time. I have sent a message of condolence but prayers please, living in a completely different culture we can inadvertently cause offence.

On Friday Sam took the boys’ to the football academy for a match, not sure who won. Tresor called on me as we had an online Zoom meeting. I then went to collect a laptop that needed some work on before Johnson takes it to school on Monday. The boys have also been for haircuts this week, some schools can be strict about short hair!

There are so many blessings, the boys seem really settled. Dan is returning to Little Angels next week – he definitely is happier and hasn’t attempted to run away since he has been back. Prayers for him please – he has difficulty coping with expressing himself when anything goes wrong.

Diana is due back today, she has been in Kumi teacher training, sadly Barbara who went with her caught malaria at the beginning of the week and Diana has had to do the training all on her own. I’m sure she’ll enjoy Sunday lunch having probably been on a diet of posh and beans all week!

Thank you once again for all your kindness, prayers and support.

Love Jane x