Sunday 10th September, 2023

Dear friends,

Greetings from a rather damp Kampala. It seems to have rained quite a bit this week but of course the sun follows! I was in the office on Monday and Augustine came to see us before he returned to Mukono where he still has work. He told us he is now in charge of two young lads on the building site and also stays in the building at night as security. It is so encouraging to see our boys working and being given responsibility.

Tuesday morning I met Tim in Kisenyi at the hospital and talked with the doctor and other members of staff – he is at last taking his medication regularly though he doesn’t seem to be responding well to the drugs and we have to go back on the 26th of this month. I then drove to Garuga with him where Peace was waiting for me so that we had an opportunity of listening and sharing with the boys – it was a good time and we didn’t leave until around 5.30pm. I dropped Asaph near his room as he is back working at the Industrial Training Unit but by the time I got to the next junction on the Expressway the rain was torrential – all the boda’s had stopped under the bridge and the road was down to one lane. On arriving home Diana had cooked for Christine and I which was really appreciated. Her and Christine have been away since Thursday at Lake Mburo National Park, not camping like we did but enjoying a safari lodge, they are back later this afternoon (Saturday) as she is travelling tomorrow for work.

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”‭‭ Revelation‬ ‭4‬:‭11‬

Simon Peter has at last received his National ID – he now needs to apply for a driving licence so that he can legally ride his boda. He bought some cooked white ants that most of the boys enjoyed, but the smell put me off and I wouldn’t even try them!

I didn’t go to Garuga on Friday as some of the boys were at a church meeting in Entebbe – they are very involved in Worship Harvest Church that meets with Cherish Church for outreach. The rest of the boys went for a walk to Lake Victoria to play football and use the skateboards. They are all getting a pair of new shorts this week.

Today Saturday, I am on my way to see the boys, collecting Asaph on the way and bringing him back later. A few of our boys are going back to vocational college/secondary school on Sunday or Monday. Omoding (hairdressing) has gone back to the village to stay with his father and to try to get some work – we are planning for Petra to visit his college with his requirements next week. Griffin also went to stay with his father and phoned to say he had work in a hotel for a couple of weeks – he is on a catering course at Don Bosco. Saidi has gone to stay with his mother, following his father’s recent death – to attend the ‘Dua’ Act of Worship that happens 40 days after a Muslim death. Joseph has also gone to stay with his grandmother and aunts in Lugazi. Everyone seems to be keeping well.

Zimba is in need of some intensive training, he gets excited and ‘pee’s’ everywhere. I have told the boys that they need to be firm with him and tell him off (but not be rough with him) – obviously with so many training him he is confused – he also has a habit of eating shoes and mattresses!

Thank you for all your love and support – after seeing the boys today, (it rained heavily yet again!) I drove Kasita, Johnson and Odong to Maranatha to see teacher Francis – he was so kind to Kasita and Johnson when they stayed with him for 6 months they wanted to let him know how they were progressing.

With love and prayers.

Jane x