Sunday 14th November, 2023

Dear friends,

Greetings from a very warm Kampala.

First thing Tuesday morning we had planned to move into our new office, but unfortunately there was torrential rain and the move was delayed until lunch time.

Ian, Tresor, Peace and I met at ‘La Patisserie’ for coffee, Petra was delayed because of traffic and went straight to the old office. Following coffee I drove to the Justice & Peace Centre to collect the keys and everyone else went and cleared the office. Ian brought all the light/delicate things in his car with Tresor and arrived about an hour later. The truck came not long after and by 3pm everyone had arrived. Teddy came, she usually cleans in all the offices at the Mall but came to help us get settled in and to clean. Ian and Tresor then left and us four ladies went for a quick late lunch at a local restaurant before sorting things out, (about £7 for all four of us, good value for either chicken or fish!) We are feeling really blessed to be in such a quiet, clean environment.

‘God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.’ Saint Augustine of Hippo

On Wednesday Peace and I visited George’s Place as the boys were off school, we listened to some of their ‘whinging’ – nothing too disturbing – they are unhappy with Zimba as he chews shoes and sandals and has even taken to getting on the bottom bunk beds if the bedroom doors are left open and running off with sheets! Another problem was the TV – it is getting old and keeps switching itself off when they are watching films – we will consider buying a new one at Christmas! Lots of laughing took place and I offered a few solutions! Peace who is not a fan of Zimba’s had her own!

There were also a few problems in school and Peace agreed to go to the school next week to speak to the head teacher. Not all the teachers realise they are forbidden to beat children, they also should stop referring to our boys as ‘street boys’ as that is not acceptable. We realise some of our boys have grown now and probably seem too big for primary school but they have missed so much schooling and we expect the staff to be understanding. I really appreciate the head teacher and think things will be sorted out quickly.

Raymond and Beckham have settled well – we have been given a football game from a lady at church which is getting well used by all the boys. They went to play football Saturday morning at the academy. Young Brian finished his P7 exams and arrived home Thursday afternoon back from boarding. I haven’t spoken to him yet but hopefully he has done his best.

On Friday Derek (motor mechanics course) arrived home as Marjorine have broken up for Christmas! The other boys in vocational training are due back in the next few days. Sadly Simon Peter had an accident on his boda, he was shaken up but he is fine now – just a few dents on the bike!

Thank you for all your kindness, support and love. Please do hold us in your prayers as most of the boys are returning from college and boarding school in the next couple of weeks and the house gets busy and noisy!

Love Jane x