Sunday 5th November, 2023

Dear friends,

We’ve had an eventful week at Homes of Promise. Last Monday afternoon, Peace, Petra, Tresor and I went to check out a new office at John Paul II Justice and Peace building. We are moving in there next Tuesday. It’s not far from where we are at present but much more rural and in a good location. A real blessing from God.

On Tuesday I went to Salabed in Kisenyi to collect a large box from the U.K. with lots of T-shirts, trousers, shorts, trainers (some new ones,)(thank you St. Peter and St. Martin, Edmonton) pens, pencils, toothbrushes etc. I then waited in the car until Peace and Tresor arrived with a number of street boys who circled the car. We took two of the boys into our care, Raymond and Beckham! Tresor went and bought food and drinks for the other boys and we then went to Old Kampala Police Station to register them, before Tresor and I took them back to George’s Place in Garuga. After they had showered, received new clothes and eaten we talked with them in the garden to welcome them and explain what would be happening. They are sharing a bedroom with the other four youngest boys and have been given new mattresses, sheets, towels etc. The boys went for a medical check the next day and seem to be settling in well, enjoying DSTV which has plenty of cartoons and getting used to being looked after. They won’t be going to school until next term, after we have found their relatives. They enjoyed swimming Saturday afternoon, I don’t think Beckham had swam before!

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭113‬:‭v7

Last Sunday Tresor went to visit Young Brian for Visiting Day, he takes his P7 examinations this coming week. We have sent him cards from the staff and boys wishing him success. He is hoping to go into Secondary school next year. Simon Peter has had his motorcycle serviced and is now working as a boda driver.

Wednesday morning early, we had a visit from Sam, a lad who had been in our care years ago, he did a hairdressing course at CCP in Mbale with Augustine (building)Tim (catering) and Godfrey (mechanics). It was good to see him and to know that he is keeping well and living back with his mother. He occasionally gets some hairdressing work but told us he is always looking for work and will try anything.

One morning this week I met up with Ian and then Ken, who is travelling back to the U.K. for a few weeks, to catch up with them both and enjoy coffee. We have packed up most of the office now and Petra arranged for some of our old paperwork to be burned.

I really found last week’s retreat at Prayer Mountain helpful especially the fellowship and meeting so many other international women working here and serving the Lord in different areas. The new boys recognised Jodi (American, young mum, married to an Ugandan) her husband runs a football club for street boys. I was showing Tresor photos of the retreat and Raymond said I know her!

Please do be praying for our new boys as they settle and for Brian as he takes his exams next week. Our primary boys will all have three days off school whilst the exams are being taken. Also for wisdom as to whether we should be taking in any more boys before Christmas. There are so many young children on the streets of Kampala needing a safe place and an opportunity to study – very difficult to see!

Thank you once again for all your love and support.

Love Jane x