18th June, 2017

Dear friends,
The boy’s art lesson with Rhonda and Diana seemed to go well last Sunday afternoon, this was followed by football practice in a nearby field that we have been allowed to use.

Patrick and Emma start a 2 year vocational training course in welding on Monday in Kampala, so we have been sorting out their requirements which range from two pairs of black trousers each, 2 new red Tshirts each (which someone had amazingly given me to bring back), school uniform, overalls, goggles, safety boots, tape measures, brooms, toilet paper, bowls, washing and bathing soap etc. etc.  They will be boarding but hopefully when settled will return to George’s Place most weekends as we feel they still need the stability and security of being here.  They are obviously really excited.  Both the boys have spoken to their fathers to inform them they are going for training.  We were especially pleased that Emma’s father was willing to talk to him – hopefully, the reconciliation process begins now.

…….they help each other, and say to their companions ‘Be strong!’ The metalworker encourages the goldsmith, and the one who smooths with the hammer spurs on the one who strikes the anvil. One says of the welding, ‘It is good.’ Isaiah 41 v 6 / 7

The lounge has been painted this week so things have been slightly disorganised but it’s amazing how clean and fresh the room looks.  With rented accommodation you are responsible for the upkeep  and with so many here walls seem to get marked even with me on their case!  We have also invested in a long shoe rack for the boys to put their shoes in before they come into the house as I get fed up falling over dozens of pairs of school shoes, flip flops and trainers.  

Gorrett (I used to call her Betty – the cook) has just bought me a sweetened black ginger tea – I was once addicted to coffee but not anymore – strange how your tastes change.

Paul called into my office after school on Monday to ask me for another exercise book for school.  He informed me one of the boys in his class was being sent home as he didn’t have a book to write in so Paul and Ronald each gave him a book – brings tears to my eyes that schools send children home when they don’t have pencils or books.  I was so pleased with our boys showing this kindness.  In Anton and Brian’s class one of the boys father’s has been killed in a boda accident – people daily lose limbs or their lives on this dangerous form of transport.  

Tim came back from Jinja on Friday and is staying with me for a few days. Friday evening he did all my ironing, he was also up early and made me a Spanish omelette for breakfast.  He is practising his baking skills and made cakes for afternoon tea at George’s Place which the boys really appreciated.  Cakes are so special here.

Saturday afternoon we spent our usual time at KK beach, most of the boys had to walk home as there were 18 of us which is far too many to get into our people carrier.

With love and prayers from Kampala