Sunday 9th July, 2023

Dear friends,

Things have been very quiet this week at Homes of Promise. I have received a few photographs, some from the visiting days last Sunday when Tresor visited Johnson (Musumba) and Petra visited Kasita – he had exams when he returned to school and I’m attaching a copy of his report – he thinks the school is strict, but he’s doing really well there and so is Johnson at Trinity.

Peace and Ian met and talked about the way forward with Dan last Wednesday, as he is still back with us. Peace is planning to visit George’s Place next week to have a good talk with him before he goes back to school. It seems that when he is finding things difficult he runs away and hides! She has also contacted Musa’s father and Musa will be returning to Garuga next Tuesday.

‘Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.’ 1 Peter 4 v8

Tresor sent me some photos of the boys and they all seem fine, doing their washing!

Sam, who is in our church home group, got married yesterday so Ian and Tresor were both involved in the wedding. Sam is a lovely young man who trained as an architect but is having difficulty getting steady employment, there are so many young people in Uganda looking for work. Please do pray for him and his wife Nadia.

New Brian (who has now been with us 4 years), sent some photos of himself, he is on a motor mechanics course at Hope Vocational college. We are really happy with his progress. He doesn’t speak much English or Luganda as he comes from the very north of Uganda, from a village near Nebbi, thankfully Patrick our, security guard is able to converse at a deeper level with him. He usually goes to his grandmother during holiday times as he’s an orphan and whilst visiting her found work in a local garage for when he finishes his course at the end of this year.

I’ve arranged a Zoom meeting with the boys for this afternoon as I like to talk each week with those in the home. Benard took them to the football Academy on Saturday and I expect they enjoyed themselves.

I’ve had phone calls and messages from Asaph and Augustine, this week, as they like to keep in touch with me and are always interested in how my grandchildren (Luke and Emily) are, the older boys remember their visit in 2019, especially as Luke got on well with them and enjoyed playing football.

Thank you for all your love and support. Our work is continuing well in my absence and we give God the Glory.

Love Jane x