Sunday 23rd July, 2023

Dear friends,

On Monday morning I drove to Tottenham to deliver T-shirts and other items for shipment to Uganda. The young man Ayoub whom I deliver them to, found in his records that there was a box in Kampala that hadn’t been collected by us. Tresor went on Wednesday to fetch the box and found in it 19 pairs of trainers and 22 T-shirts, a real blessing as we were running out of things.

Sadly Tim is unwell again and has spent some time in the clinic this week but back in the home now. Godfrey has found himself some work in a ‘cafe’, three days a week and is saving for his rent, he had hurt his hand badly before I left and was having difficulty finding work but he is a good lad and happy to be working on building sites, cooking or whatever work he can find to earn money. He also helps around George’s Place when he is not working.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10 v 27

Victor and Joseph (Yusuf) decided to make chapati’s on Friday evening so that they had something to eat before they went to football training on Saturday morning. They are all doing well!

A young man in Uganda has started an initiative to help children, by collecting and giving away school text books (which are really expensive there). He is collecting some books for HoP and will be visiting the boys shortly to hand them over.

Peace went and saw Derek last weekend and sent a photograph – he seems to be well settled on his motor mechanics course.

Tresor and Benard have been looking around for a piece of land for Homes of Promise to buy, so that we can rear goats, grow vegetables and possibly keep a pig or two, we would build a small room for one of our older boys to live in on the land to look after the crops/animals. Tresor has found an acre near the medical clinic the boys attend. Your prayers please that this is the right way forward for HoP – we will never be self sufficient but we believe we should be looking at ways to lower our expenses.

The boys went to football on Saturday morning and I spoke to some of them when the training and games finished – they were relaxing in the minibus – exhausted. The blue team had one by 13 to 10.

I do hope some of you will be able to make this afternoon’s meeting. There are so many good and positive things that are happening in the boys lives. Thank you for all your love and support.

Love Jane x