Sunday 22nd October, 2023

Dear friends,

On Monday Afternoon there was a really heavy downpour whilst we were at work and the office was quite dark – we still don’t have electricity, so Peace and Petra went to find out what was happening! The landlord of our office has paid 1,000,000UGX (£220) for the power to be connected and it still hasn’t been done! Each office in the building is expected to pay 1,000,000UGX. The lack of power has been really frustrating. Tuesday morning I went to work first thing to find out if the situation had changed, sadly it hadn’t. I left at lunch time to go home as Tresor and I had a webinar meeting with the UK Charity Commission on Safeguarding. It was a really helpful meeting and we were given lots of good advice which we will pass on to staff and trustees.

On Wednesday Tresor travelled to Hope International College to meet with four of our boys. Ronald, New Brian, Ivan and Robert. They are preparing for their DIT examinations (Directorate of Industrial Training). Tresor spoke with the principal who informed him that they were all doing really well. He found the boys working on computers and handed over some gifts of soap, sugar, biscuits, juice etc. and pocket money. Ivan showed the trousers and shorts he has made.

‘Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.’ St Teresa of Avila

Petra, Peace and I worked from home on Wednesday but Thursday I collected them from the office and we went to George’s Place for a staff meeting. Everyone attended, (the cooks, security and Sam who takes over from Benard when he has his weekend off). Ian chaired the meeting; we had an opportunity to see some of the boys as they came back from school and the Hon. Juma called in to check that the road sign was still in place! It is!

Tim is moving into his own accommodation this Sunday. He has been working for about the last six weeks at a local cafe and doing well taking his medication. The room isn’t far from the home and he seems excited about being independent again – prayers please that he doesn’t fall sick!

Kampala International Church have a Retreat weekend that Tresor and I are attending. Benard is taking the boys swimming Saturday afternoon. Some of the older boys attended school in the morning which happens every other week.

Today, Sunday, after church, Tresor and I are visiting Johnson as it’s his Visiting Day at Trinity school. I am then planning a surprise visit to the boys at George’s Place.

Benard and Tresor have moved the storeroom so we now have another free bedroom that some of the older boys will move into. This leaves space in the main bedroom for when we get more boys. We are looking at our finances to consider when this will be possible as in the U.K. everything seems to be rising in price!

Thank you for all your kindness, love, prayers and support, in God we Trust.

With every blessing.

Love Jane x