Sunday 9th June 2024

Good morning friends,

Last Saturday Petra visited Omoding at his college, her family live near Tororo and she was there for the weekend. Omoding is well and his college report was very good, for him, which is encouraging.

When I was visiting the boys in Garuga we had an inspection of their boxes, Dan’s was really neat and tidy, all his clothes were washed and folded and clothes that he had grown out of were placed at the bottom of the box to take to his siblings. Unfortunately, Beckham’s and Denis’ boxes were not good with either dirty or damp clothes thrown in – there will be regular inspections of boxes from now on! Three of the boys needed new school shoes, Dan, Saidi and Ram.

Monday was a bank holiday and I used the time to write reports for the Trustees Meeting on Thursday evening (zoom) and to catch up on paperwork. The 2023 accounts have been approved and will be sent to the Charity Commission shortly. Tuesday was an office day.

‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God’ – Matthew 5 v8

On Wednesday Peace and I, Jessie driving took Joseph (Isaac) real name Ryan but wants to be called Joseph (unfortunate as we already have two Joseph’s) for home tracing. This was an interesting day as he really didn’t want to tell us where he came from. He had told us Ndejje which we assumed was near Bombo but there is a Ndejje Parish near the Entebbe Road, which was where he had been living. Eventually Peace found the home, he had been staying with a couple, they were not around but their niece was there (aged about 16) and another young boy, she confirmed that his mother had left him with the couple. She refused to have her photo taken. We left our phone numbers and obtained phone numbers of family members and will be following up. We haven’t heard from any of the relatives yet! It is very sad as there seemed to be a real lack of interest in Joseph, it’s not surprising he is so withdrawn with adults. After this we went to Bombo as Griffin has a practical exam and needed a number of ingredients that I had purchased the day before. We called his mother who has had little contact with him over the years, she had phoned recently and asked that she might speak with him – she is now married with a new family.

Trésor has gone to Rwanda for a few days as his father has a visa to go to the USA and stay with one of his other son’s. Benard is also away for his leave – he hasn’t had any time off since the beginning of the boy’s holidays. Patrick is back from Zombo and Sam is also at George’s Place. Unfortunately one night during the week we had a break into the compound. Nothing was around to be taken but the minibus was broken into before Zimba started barking and alerting Benard and Sam, who gave chase but didn’t catch them. We will look into having wire on the top of the wall.

On Thursday Petra, Ken and I spent a couple of hours at the bank arranging for Ken to be able to authorise online banking as it has only been me able to do this, a long process but hopefully sorted.

Thank you for all your love and support. The weather is still really hot and after our walk yesterday evening Christine and I sat by the pool enjoying the gardens.

Every blessing.

Love Jane x