10th December, 2017

Dear friends,

Our dear friend Karo from Poland and her brother Michael visited, with Silvia from Venezuela and Alex from Moldova, (all except Michael who lives in London, work for Emirates and live in Dubai) this was a very special time as they stayed two nights with me, and we had the opportunity to share and pray together. The boys were delighted to have these young people with us, playing games and encouraging them at a football match (we still managed to lose but not so badly as last time). We were also able to donate football kit (from Spurs) to the other team, who are street boys that Moses from AYFD works with, so everyone was really happy.

Tony’s uncle came and collected him last Monday for the Christmas holidays, lots of the boys are returning to their villages next Monday to spend Christmas with their relatives. It’s been really noisy here with 17 boys, plus Patrick and Emma who arrived on Friday after breaking up from their welding course. Both did really well in their college reports, one gaining an A and the other a B+ in their practical work, such an encouragement to us all. The boys attending school have done amazingly well in their end of term reports, we are very proud of the effort they are making – Little Brian continues to be first in the class.

‘You are the light of the World’. Matthew 5 v14.

Augustine shared this verse with us and our visitors.

Tuesday – Peace, Bob and I took Samuel to Masaka the nearest town to the village he comes from. He now has work in a small hairdressing salon which is owned by a friend of his who he will stay with, so giving thanks that another boy is resettled. Tim is back wth us as he has had a number of hospital appointments recently, he continues helping Gorette with the cooking and baking. Update on Anton – who will be attending the course at ‘Agromax’ starting early January. We are all so happy for him and this wonderful opportunity to start a farming career. In the past we haven’t often see Anton smile but there are definitely a few smiles there at the moment. He is an orphan, and will be visiting his sister for Christmas. Big Brian has just brought me some roasted pumpkin seeds to taste, which he prepared, we have had pumpkin for lunch the last couple of days- nothing is wasted here.

I have now driven the minibus! I had wanted to practice this without the boys in it but things don’t happen like that in Uganda – so on Thursday afternoon I drove 20 of us to KK beach and back – wasn’t good at parking in our small compound when we returned, even getting through the gate wasn’t easy, let alone reversing into a small space with obstacles.

Saturday we had our Christmas party, at my home, Halima and her friends cooked local food, the boys enjoyed football, music and dancing, small Christmas presents for everyone, and cake.

I return to the UK next Thursday and am looking forward to seeing most of you over Christmas and New Year.

We are planning a Homes of Promise Afternoon Tea at my home – Wolstenholme House, Forty Hill, on 6th January from 2.30pm-5pm – all welcome. If you are planning to come could you please email info@hopuganda.org for catering purposes.

With love and prayers from Kampala.