Sunday 18th February, 2024

Dear friends,

Young Brian, will be starting school on Tuesday at Bethany High School where Dennis attends. The Senior 1’s always start school a few weeks after the others. Tresor will take him on Monday to meet the Headteacher, to pay the admission fee and collect the papers for a medical check etc. before we pay the school fees and uniform.

Last Tuesday we had a staff day out at The Botanical Gardens in Entebbe. Unfortunately, Peace was at a funeral that day and Halima was also unable to attend. We had a really amazing day. It rained first thing in the morning which delayed us but we were there by 11.30am. I had cooked chicken drumsticks and sausages for the picnic and Gorette had made chapatis and cooked hard boiled eggs. We also had cake, Jessie eating Peace’s share! Petra and Benard negotiated for a boat trip around a nearby island which everyone enjoyed. We kicked the football around, Tresor and Sam played some cricket with Patrick fielding and Petra and I hit the shuttlecock with squash racquets! We laughed so much and really enjoyed ourselves. Jessie had us playing a game asking questions about Homes of Promise from each other. We left at 5.30pm as Martin was leaving for the airport, I think he also enjoyed the day. At one point Tresor was sitting on the grass and noticed a thin black snake slithering along beside him – from then on everyone was cautious about where they were walking! Ray a young man from church looked after George’s Place that day and the older boys but when we returned Gorette found they had eaten all the rice for the evening meal!

‘Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke‘ Isaiah 58 v6

The auditors are coming this week and Petra has been busy sorting out the papers that we need for them – also checking the store at George’s Place as they check that everything from furniture to beans is there!

Unfortunately Ronald’s father did not come to Kampala earlier in the week but arrived at George’s Place today (Saturday). He is staying nearby for the night and taking Ronald tomorrow to look for the uncle in Katwe. Prayers please that Ronald can get some work.

We have found a vocational college for Sula and he will shortly be starting a hairdressing course. Joseph (Yusuf) has decided he would like to go to Don Bosco and do an Agricultural Course.

Friday was a Bank Holiday to commemorate Archbishop Janani Luwum, who was martyred during Idi Amin’s regime. I remember Revd. John Townsend from Jesus Church telling me he had known him at theological college. Our younger boys had the day off school and relaxed.

I visited the boys on Saturday afternoon and took them swimming – they are all fine and enjoying school.

Thank you for all your love, interest, support and kindness – we couldn’t continue without you.

With love and prayers.